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Using Previous Versions to Roll Back Changes to Files

Occasionally changes to a file are accidentally saved, overwriting an important existing file. Previous Versions allow us to review versions of file and folders from different points in time and restore those files or folders to a previous state.

Adding Departmental Printer to Windows laptop

Sometimes you may want to print directly from a personal or UK owned laptop or Windows tablet instead of only printing from campus desktops. This will walk you through the steps of adding a departmental printer.

PDF printing from Adobe Acrobat (Mac)

Adobe Acrobat Professional and Reader have their own built-in printing protocols that bypass the Mac system settings. This creates a problem with Ricoh copiers that require a code to print--the built-in Adobe protocols bypass the Mac system settings, and the user code is not passed to the printer. This is why your access is restricted when printing pdfs, but your Word files print just fine.

This is how to print from Adobe Acrobat to a Ricoh copier. You will need to follow these steps each time you print a pdf.

Import Outlook archive into Office365 online archive

In the past, we set up Outlook archives so that email could be stored on the A&S file server and free up the limited space on the Exchange server. This was an imperfect system because the archive file type (.pst) doesn't perform very well on server storage, but if we moved the file to your local desktop's C drive, it might be lost in a hard drive crash or Windows reinstall.

Configuring locked print and adding user code (Mac to Ricoh)

Many of the Ricoh devices in A&S are restricted to only allow printing through a copy/printing code provided to each user in the department. This tutorial will take you through the steps of adding a print code on your Mac so that your print jobs will complete and set up locked (confidential) print. Locked print allows jobs to be sent securely to the printer and held there until you actually arrive at the printer to pick them up.

Updating Apple Mail Configuration after Office 365 migration

If you had the Apple Mail client configured for Exchange, you will need to remove the Exchange account and add your Office 365 account after the migration is completed.

Prepare your iPhone/iPad for UK mail migration

This tutorial will show you how to check if your iPhone/iPad is correctly configured to work with Office 365 email. This tutorial was created on an iPad, but the steps for iPhone will be the same.

Configuring your Mac for printing to a Ricoh copier

These are the steps that are required to connect your Mac to a departmental copier.  This tutorial is only intended for users of OS X Lion and newer. If you are still using 10.6.8 or earlier, please contact the help desk: 

Create an Outlook Quick Step to report spam

UKAT prefers that spam emails are forwarded to them as an attachment. This gives them the most information possible when trying to block spam and prevent phishing attacks, but the process is quite a bit more complicated than simply hitting forward.  We can use Outlook quick steps to streamline the process. 


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