Create an Outlook Quick Step to report spam

Intended audience: 
All users
Authenticated users (logged in)

UKAT prefers that spam emails are forwarded to them as an attachment. This gives them the most information possible when trying to block spam and prevent phishing attacks, but the process is quite a bit more complicated than simply hitting forward.  We can use Outlook quick steps to streamline the process. 

1. In Outlook, click "Create New" in Quick Steps section.
Make sure you are on the Home tab.
2. Change name to "Report Spam" and choose the action "Forward message as an attachment"
3. In the To... field, type in spam, and click on UKIT Spam Reports.
4. Click on Add Action.
5. Choose "Delete message." Then click Save.
6. Now when you receive a phishing or spam email, you can right-click on the email, choose Quick Steps and Report Spam.
7. A new email message will pop up addressed to the spam team with your spam email attached. Click send.