Licensing Preinstalled Adobe Products

UK has changed the way Adobe products are licensed.  Here are the steps to take if you launch a program and receive a "sign-in required" message.  
1. If you haven't already, fill out the license survey to apply for an Adobe Creative Cloud license.
The license survey is HERE
2. Once you have received the email from UK ITS confirming your license, click Sign In Now.
3. On the Sign in window, skip the username and password box, and click the link to Sign in with an Enterprise ID.
4. Type in your UK email address in the form
5. If you previously set up an Adobe ID with your UK email address, you may see this screen. Choose Enterprise ID.
Otherwise, proceed to step 6.
6. You will be redirected to UK's login screen. Enter your linkblue password and sign in.
7. You have finished the license process. Click continue.
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Enter your linkblue password.
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