04|17|14 - Leading Theoretical Physicist to Deliver van Winter Memorial Lecture -

Physicist Juan Maldacena of the Institute for Advanced Study will visit the University of Kentucky Friday and will deliver the 2014 van Winter Memorial Lecture in Mathematical Physics.

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04|17|14 - Political Science Major & Athlete Grace Trimble Named Truman Scholar -

Political science junior and UK Women's Tennis player Grace Trimble has been named a 2014 Truman Scholar and will receive $30,000 to conduct graduate work in areas of public service.

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04|16|14 - Mercury Rising: David Atwood -

Chemistry professor David Atwood's compound and patents have far-reaching benefits.

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04|16|14 - UK Libraries to Celebrate 'Nation of Nations' Time at UK -

After a three-year loan to University of Kentucky Libraries, "Nation of Nations," a major 10-panel art work by Lexington artist Marjorie Guyon, will be leaving.

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04|15|14 - AFROTC Cadets Reach New Heights -

Air Force ROTC cadets recently found themselves climbing rope ladders and crossing bridges over thirty feet in the air.

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04/18/14 to 04/19/14 - Conference , Various @
in Various-see full conference schedule
04/18/14 - Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime , Juan Maldacena (Institute for Advanced Study) @
in CP155
04/18/14 - Mark Fonstad (University of Oregon) , Mark Fonstad (University of Oregon) @
in Classroom Building Room 238
04/18/14 to 09/04/14 - "Masks of Mexico: Reflecting the Past, Portraying the Future" @
in Lafferty Hall Foyer
04/21/14 - Denis Goldberg Legendary Anti-Apartheid Activist @
in WT Young Library Auditorium
04/22/14 - Drug War talk by anthropologist Howard Campbell (A&S 100 Course) , Howard Campbell @
in Whitehall Room 102
04/24/14 - Biology Department Seminar “How Genomes Respond to Foreign Information” , Andrew Fire, PhD @
in 116 T.H. Morgan
04/24/14 - Perelman’s Dissociations: Double Fidélité, Fighting the Nazis, and the New Rhetoric Project’s Canon of Invention , David Frank, University of Oregon @
in Room 249 Student Center
04/24/14 - Distinguished Professor Lecture , Frank Ettensohn @
in WT Young Auditorium
04/25/14 - Naff Symposium @
04/25/14 - "What are the Limits to Capitalism?," Committee on Social Theory Public Lecture , Dr. Alex Callinicos @
in Patterson Office Tower, 18th Floor
04/29/14 - Dr. Lorenzo Meyer Politics in Mexico Today (A&S 100 Course) , Columnist/Historian Lorenzo Meyer @
in Whitehall Room 102
05/02/14 - Chemistry Department Seminar , Subrahmanyam Modekrutti @
in CP-137

Passport to the World: 2013-2014


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