Writing for a Broad Public Audience Virtual Workshop (CHSS)

Research Sympossium for Earth and Environmental Sciecnes

The Future of Arts & Sciences at UK: A Conversation with Interim Dean Christian Brady

12th Annual THM Seminar - "Evolution in the Final Frontier: Why Might We See So Many Humanoid Aliens in Star Trek?"

BIO 601 Seminar - "Insights from Frog Gastrulation. Cell Identities and Cell Movements"

BIO 601 Seminar - "From planarians to parasites: unexpected roles for monoamine neurotransmitters"

"Time has come; Let's make a move[ment]"

Breaking of Discrete and Continuous Symmetries in Coupled SYK or Tensor Models

Navigating Your Graduate School Journey and Making the Most of Your Experience

Graduate Student Mental Health and Self-Care

A Discussion on Support Systems for First Generation Students in the College of Arts & Sciences

How To Get the Mentoring You Need in Graduate School: Successfully Navigating Relationships with Faculty and Advisors

A Discussion on Support Systems for BIPOC Graduate Students in the College of Arts and Sciences

Straight from the Students: College Life at UK during COVID-19

BGSA Seminar -"Aging and Survival in the Natural World: Insights From Wild Primates"

Tenure Seminar: "Investigating vertebrate ocular development in the context of congenital blinding disease"

An Update on COVID-19 from A&S Scientists

Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Book Talk - Border Jumping and Migration Control in South Africa

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