"A Conversation with Mayor Jim Gray"

The Death Penalty: A Panel Discussion

Rebel Governance: A talk by Cyanne Loyle

Center for Equality and Social Justice Spring Symposium - Development of Bias

Biology Seminar - "Climate Change, Conservation, and the Value of Long-term Research"

Biology Seminar - "Life Experiences and Lifespan: Is Stress an Important Link?"

English Graduate Student Organization Symposium

Human Rights and the Cultural Politics of Empathy in the Colombian (post) Conflict

"Ain't I a person? - Tout moun sé moun: Identity, Self, and Personhood in the Americas."

Recruitment Seminar - "Fighting Fat with Fat-burning Fat: Mechanisms of Beige Adipocyte Formation"

Recruitment Seminar - "Generate Genetic Tools in Ants to Study Behavior and Neural Development"

Recruitment Seminar - "Neural Mechanisms Underlying Variation and Plasticity in Social Behavior"

Recruitment Seminar - "Resizing the Muscle Stem Cell Pool via Signaling from the Myofiber"

Recruitment Seminar - "Bills, Brains, and Ion Channels in Tactile-Foraging Waterfowl"

Film Series: Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

Do Races Exist? Insights from Biological Anthropology

Sexual & Reproductive Health Symposium

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