Biology Seminar - "Using Zebrafish to Model Human Disorders: From Rasopathies to Scoliosis"

Why Can't I Be Somebody Else?

Reconstructing Anthropogenic Landscapes with Drone-mounted Sensors

Banking on DNA: Thinking about new genetic tests in comparative contexts

Black & Blue Critical Issues in Race & Policing in the US

Make your own Siddur: Keeping praxis personal through open-source prayerbooks

Burn your Blessings: Media, Immediacy in Jewish prayer in the Mishnaic and the Digital Era

Department of Geography Colloquium Series

Colloquium: DUNE: The Hot Program in the Cold Detector

Andy Steves' Europe: City Hopping on a Budget

Zika, Mosquitoes, and Public Health: Relearning History Again

Bahas: A discussion about identity and religion in South Asia with filmmaker Catherine Masud

The Brains Behind the Orphan Trains

Department of Geography Distinguished Harrison and Eva Lewis Bailey Alumni Lecture

Math Movie of the Month-The United States of Mathematics Presidential Debate

Film Series--The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015)

Explore Careers, Network at Women in Technology Event

Marksberry Symposium on Aging and Dementia

Making the City in Latin America

Tips for NSF proposals in the Social Sciences

Biology Seminar - "Sex and the Origin of Species: Can Sexual Interactions Drive Speciation? (Tales from Two Kingdoms)

Biology Seminar - "Honey bee aggression: How does the social environment get under the skin?"

Biology Seminar - "How Many Times Can You Be Wrong and Still Be Right?"

South Asia Cooking Classes

Courtesans, Bar Girls and Dancing Boys: Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance

Welcome Back & Faculty Fall Meeting

Imperial Incarcerations: Prisoners in the Russian and British Empires

Bahas: A Discussion about Identity and Religion in South Asia with Filmmaker Catherine Masud

From Muslim Refugees to Islamist Militants: Violated Bodies and Sovereign Territory in the Kashmir Jihad

Film Series: The Clay Bird (Bangladesh, 2012)

Dhaka to Cincinnati: Mapping Transnational Narratives of Trauma, Violence, and Agency

Free Film Screening: The Fly Room

8th Annual TH Morgan Lecture Series - Formal public lecture

8th Annual TH Morgan Lecture Series - Scientific Graduate-level with Q&A

Biology Seminar - "The Evolution and Logic of Self-deception"

Ramanujan: The Man Who Knew Infinity

Committee on Social Theory Fall Distinguished Lecturer

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