Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Lecture

Immigration and Higher Education: Faculty Migration Stories at UK

How to be a DBT-Friendly Therapist (3 CE)

Beyond Advice Giving: Motivational Interviewing for Health Promotion and Health Behavior Change (3 CE)

AAAS Black Women's Conference: "We Represent! Black Women and the Visual Arts"

WPA mural open forum

Ugochukwu-Smooth Nzewi, “Curating in the Present: Form as Stories or Stories that make Form”

Biology Seminar - Regulation of Retina Regeneration by miRNAs, GABA Signaling, and Exosomes

Servants of Neoliberalism?: Former Global Factory Workers Manipulating Capital in Sri Lanka's Villages

Democracy and Extremism in South Asia

Biology Seminar - Identifying Roadblocks to Regeneration in Axolotls

Biology Seminar - Coping with environmental change: integrating behavior and mechanism

Biology Seminar - How the Blueprint of the Regeneration Amphibian Limb is Established and Manipulated

Biology Seminar - Individual Variation in Collective Behavior

Biology Seminar - Developmental Plasticity of the Planarian, Schmidtea Mediterranea

Film Series: My Daughter the Terrorist (Sri Lanka, 2007)

Global Family Diversity via India: Trends in Adoption and Commercial Surrogacy

'Indians' and Indigeneity - Indigenous Nations and State Contexts in India and the U.S.

2017 - 45th Annual Ellen Churchill Semple Day

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