Recipes for Spanishness: Cookbooks and Culinary Cultures in Modernizing Spain

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Conversation with Attorney Chris Green

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Halloween Potluck

Ricardo Pau-Llosa: A Bilingual Recital

Screening & Panel: "Let the Fire Burn"

National Chemistry Week - Demonstration Show

MCL Graduate Studies and Beyond Roundtable Discussion

Bodies of Evidence: Policing Queer Bodies

19th Annual Dawson Lecture

A Reading by Roxane Gay

7th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture Series

Discussion on Refugee Crisis

7th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture Series

Socially Integrated Multidisciplinary Epidemiology, Prevention, and Care in Public Health

Bluegrass Down Under Info Sessions

Symposium: “The Intersections of Violence in Latin America”

Academic Majors and Minors Fair

Education Abroad Fall Fair

"LingoFest" - free hands-on activity day introducing linguistics to primary and secondary school students.

Compressed Course: "Mapping Variation: An Introduction to the Use of Geospatial Tools for Linguistic Analysis" (A&S 500-003)

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Film & Discussion: The Education of Shelby Knox

Kentucky Sky Talk: Traveling Through the Orion Nebula

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: Advocating Nuclear Power

The Hayden Howard Lecture: Small Gaps Between Primes

MFA Job Seekers Meeting

Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism


Public Lecture: "The role of perception in the 'creation' of dialect areas"

Chemistry Department Seminar

Film Evening "Coffee in Berlin"

Film Evening "The Miracle of Leipzig"

GER 307 Abendessen/Dinner

Year of Europe - German Film "The City Below"

Bodies of Evidence: Policing Black Bodies

GWS & AAAS Breckinridge Bash and Spring Course Preview

Jennifer Jones: A Complicity of Silence: Aaron Henry The Fire Ever Burning and the Possibilities of Archiving Black Genders/Sexualities

A Reading by Adrian Matejka

Chemistry Department Seminar

Seminar Series: "Proximity, boundaries, and cultural prominence: The perception of dialects in Great Britain"

Public Lecture: "The Basque Language and People – intriguing origins, complex context"

Public Lecture: "The Romani People and Their European Context"

Public Lecture: "Celtic Languages in Historical and Contemporary Perspective"

Seminar Series: "The Morphotactics of Basque Finite Verbs"

Seminar Series: "An Overview of the Structure of Romani"

Seminar Series: "Convergent evolution in French-Breton and Welsh-English language contact"

Chemistry Department Seminar

Exploring Administration from a Faculty Perspective

Year of Europe Kickoff

Committee on Social Theory Spring Lecture Series

Committee on Social Theory Spring Lecture Series

Committee on Social Theory Spring Lecture Series

Committee on Social Theory Spring Lecture Series

"We a BaddDDD People: A Conversation with Sonia Sanchez"

Coffee Quality and Qualities: Closing the Gender Asset Gap in Oaxaca, Mexico

Rast-Holbrook Seminar

Earth and Environmental Sciences Open House

Rast-Holbrook Seminar

Rast-Holbrook Seminar

Public Lecture: " 'Germanness' and the Forced State Resettlement of Russian Citizens of German Descent in WWI"

Seminar Series: "Multiple Language, Cultural, and Ethnic Self-Identities of the German Lutheran Population in 'Russian Poland' in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries"

AAAS Reading Series: DaMaris Hill

First Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium

Investigation of Historical Japanese Book Binding and Paper from the Edo Period (1603-1867)

Violence and the Human Condition: Political Violence and Issues of Measurement and Methodology

Fall 2015 Distinguished Speaker, "Political Violence and Political Justice: A Critique of Criminal Justice as Accountability."

May Day Reflections on Aluminum Workers in Indiana

Voices That Cannot Be Drowned: Senior Voice Recital of Austin Norrid

"It’s not just a drawl, y’all: Fact vs. fiction in Kentucky speech" (student documentary film on Kentucky English)

Persian Jewish Music

Chemistry Department Seminar

KFLC: The Languages, Literature and Cultures Conference

Geography & The Priority of Injustice

Alumni Speaker Series

Race and the Chilean Miracle: Neoliberalism, Democracy and Indigenous Rights in Chile

Tribute to Jan Oaks and GWS end of year celebration

Works in Progress Series

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty and Teaching Awards

Misogyny: French and Italian, Medieval and Modern

Migration, Skill and the Transformation of Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic Southwest

"Been to the Mountain: Appalachian Origins of the Civil Rights Movement", an Appalachian Forum

Benham Coal Museum Tour

Chemistry Department Seminar

Workshop on Publishing

Women & Peacebuilding: Lessons From Post-Genocide Rwanda

Chemistry Graduation Celebration and Student Awards Ceremony

Downtown Walk and Tornado Exibit

Chemistry Department Seminar

A Conversation with Dr. James May Jr.

Arabic Cultural Night

CESL Trip to Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.

Eighteenth Annual Dawson Lecture

Discourses, Discontinuities, and the Urban Episteme: The City in Latin American Cultural Thought

Chemistry Department Seminar

Molecular mechanisms that control development and dysfunction of the mammalian cerebellum

Neuronal regeneration and degeneration in long-lived Drosophila larvae

Coding and Decoding Calcium Signals in Plants

Molecular, genetic and biochemical approaches to understanding and improving tomato flavor

English Info Session Pizza Party

English Info Session Pizza Party

21st Annual Black Women's Conference

Religion, Identity and Competing Visions of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia

Department of English Awards Day

Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: Steve Davis

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

UK Appreciation Day

A&S/ROTC Fun Run/Walk

Year of The Middle East Finale: Divahn

Kentucky Sky Talk: The First Stars in the Universe

SWAP Meeting, "Dammed Memories: Narratives of Belonging among Tehri Dam-Displaced People in Uttarakhand, India"

43rd Annual Ellen Churchill Semple Day

Chemistry Department Seminar

Looking For Light: Chemistry, Visual Poetry, Narrative and Aria

My Map is Better than Yours: Competitive Cartography in China/Japan Territorial Dispute over Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands in East China Sea

CANCELED. Will be rescheduled: Birds of Opulence: Black Women, Madness, and Resilience in Appalachia

SWAP Meeting with Brown Award Recipients

Chemistry Department Seminar

True Songs: A Film Event Marking the 4th Anniversary of the 3/11 Disasters

Biology Graduate Student Research Talk

Biology Graduate Student Research Talk

One True Song

Earth & Environmental Sciences Open House


Chinese New Year

POSTPONED: Mathskeller Open House

Dean's List Luncheon

***EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER***6th Annual Appalachian Research Community Symposium and Arts Showcase

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Breckinridge Bash: GWS & AAAS Fall course preview

Juan Carlos Callirgos: "The Intricacies of Race and Racism in Peru"

Nan Woodruff: Living with the Legacies of Violence in the Jim Crow South:Memory, Trauma, and the Civil Rights Movement"

SWAP Meeting with Iryna Galushchak: "Economic, Ecological and Cultural Influences on Regional Development in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains"

Fair Trade or Trading Bad?

"Placing Modern Moonshine in America: Exploring Appalachia’s Role", a SWAP Meeting with Helen Rosko

Regional Poster Competition

French Studies Forum on Paris Attacks

Mothers as Activists: Power, Protests, and the Media in Mexico

Jennifer D. Jones: Looking for Lorraine and Langston: Queering African-American Archives and Histories

African American LGBTQ History Panel Discussion

Jim Gavin Reading

Third Wave Coffee, Maya Farmers, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing

Invited Lecture: Danielle L. McGuire

Global Uttarakhand: Development, Neoliberalism and Social Justice in Himalayan India

A Reading & Conversation with Emily Raboteau

Chemistry Department Seminar - CANCELLED

6th Annual UK Graduate Appalachian Research Community Symposium & Arts Showcase

“Socially Integrated Multidisciplinary Epidemiology, Prevention, and Care in Public Health”

"All Eyes on Me: The Tyranny of the Gaze in French Caribbean Communities."

Hanfu Fashion, Dance and Ancient Music

Panel Discussion: The Promise and Perils of Populism - Global Perspectives


Biology Seminar - "System-level analysis of pancreatic beta cell lineage in Xenopus"

Biology Seminar - "Costs and limits in the evolution of learning and plasticity: insights from butterflies"

Biology Seminar - "An Interesting Parallel Between Epithelial and Neuronal Polarity: Zeb-1 Regulates Cerebellar Granule Neuron Differentiation and Migration"

Biology Seminar - “Developmental and microbial regulation of lipid metabolism in the zebrafish”

Biology Seminar - "Altering the innate immune system to treat lung diseases"

Biology Seminar - ***CANCELED due to weather***

Mathskeller Open House

BIO 601 Special Topics in Molecular and Cellular Genetics Seminar

BIO 601 Special Topics in Molecular and Cellular Genetics Seminar

Public Lecture: "From Arab nationalism to New Media"

Public Lecture: "Hittites, Greeks, and Others: Interaction between Ancient Anatolia, Greece, and the Levant"

Seminar Series: "Speak-English-Only Rules in the Workplace: Language Ideologies, Research, and Lived Experience"

The State of The Right in Europe and Latin America

Biology Seminar - "Resolving the evolutionary history of green plants: the promise and pitfalls of extremely large plastome and transcriptome data sets”



SWAP Meeting with 2014 Summer Mini-Grant Recipients

SWAP Meeting with 2014 Summer Mini-Grant Recipients

Chemistry Department Seminar

Seminar Series: "Hittite 'Hyperbaton': the Syntax-Phonology Interface"

Seminar Series: "Ancient vestiges or recent innovations: evidence from click words with a shared occurrence in Khoesan and Bantu languages of southern Africa"

Rast-Holbrook Seminar

Seminar Series: "Variation in young women's perceptions of dialect differences in the Arab World"

Biology Seminar - “The role of FGF signaling in inducing foregut organs”

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series "The Potential of Nutrient Geometry to Help Control Grasshoppers and Slugs"

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series "Sexual Conflict: Why harm your mate?”

Eco-Lunch Seminar Series - Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages: A case study from the Icelandic “Midge Lake”

SWAP Meeting with 2014 Brown Award Recipients

Lexington Old-Time Music Gathering

Tikal: Paleoecology of an Ancient Maya City

Biology Seminar - “Autophagy: from nucleated to anucleate cells”

Chemistry Department Seminar

Kentucky Sky Talk: A History of Gravity: An Attractive Theory for 300 Years

Helen Lawton-Smith (University of Arizona)

Health Justice and Ending the War at Home

Practical Panarchy; Assessing Adaptive Capacity of Regional Water Systems in the United States to Changing Climate

Between the state and the home: Interpretations of violence within everyday life in Cairo, Egypt

(Re)Producing Citizenship through (Health)Care: Latina Immigrants’ Experiences of Reproductive Healthcare in Atlanta, GA

Kelsey Hanrahan (University of Kentucky)

Melissa Wright (Penn State University)

Kentucky SkyTalk: The Enterprise of Mapping the Structure of the Universe

Solid Electrolyte: Towards High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries

Seminar on Algebra and Geometry

Applied Math Seminar--Master's Exam

Speakers Series - "Phenomenology of Racial Oppression"

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Theaterphobia/"Theatrical Science of Man": Enlightenment Debates on Emotion and Theater

“Civil Disobedience and Direct Action”

Analysis and PDE Seminar--Qualifying Exam

Discrete CATS Seminar

Graduate Student Colloquium

Seminar on Algebra and Geometry

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Mayan Hip Hop Concert: Tz'utu Baktun Kan

Achilles & the Argonauts: CLA 525/625 Research Workshop

“The Relational Subject versus the Plural Subject: We Believe, Plan and Want, but Who or What are We?”

Kasimir & Karoline: A Staged Reading

Music of the Koto: Japan's National Instrument

Kentucky Sky Talk: Rosetta: Landing on a Comet

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: The Universe as a Detector: What can we learn about fundamental physics from Cosmology?

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: The Life and Death of Massive Galaxies


Linguistics Seminar: "Embodiment and Competition: Two Factors in the Organization of Languages"

Public Lecture: "Sign Languages of Israel"

A&S Distinguished Professor Lecture

Hayden-Howard Lecture

Blurred Lines: Buddhism in the Chinese Borderlands

Blurred Lines: Buddhism in the Chinese Borderlands

"Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism and Political Life"

Know Your Rights: Community & Law Enforcement in a Post-Ferguson America

Film Screening and Discussion with Fran Ansley

Discrete CATS Seminar

Applied Math Seminar

Seminar on Algebra and Geometry

War and Society Film Series

Astro Seminar: Surprising New Insights into Quasars from the WISE Satellite

Nuclear Seminar: A High Precision Test of the Equivalence Principle

Condensed Matter Seminar: Constraints on topological order in Mott insulators

Theory Seminar: Higher Rank Wilson Loops in AdS/CFT at One Loop

Linguistics Seminar: "On the architecture of the left periphery in early Celtic and related matters"

Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference

Discrete CATS Seminar

Algebra Seminar (Qualifying Exam)

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Network Publishing: Digital Writing in the Humanities

Living in Times of Regression: A Personal Account

Appalachian Forum and Film Screening and Discussion of Up the Ridge

The Odyssey -- A Performance by Joe Goodkin

National Chemistry Week - Demonstration Show

Academic Majors Fair

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: Science Policy in America

"Perverse Subjects: Becoming Bodies of Literature in the Library"

Long Time Ago... A Performance by Crit Callebs Eastern Band Cherokee Storyteller

Film Screening: Goodbye Gauley Mountain

Emily Satterwhite: "Hillbilly Horror and Wrong Turn"

Stacy Takacs: "Genre and Jessica Lynch"

VIII International Conference on Micro-Fiction

Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: Jasmine McNealy

Kentucky Sky Talk: The Current Status of Space Travel: Science versus Fiction

Film Viewing & Discussion: Be Like Others

GWS & AAAS: Breckinridge Hall Open House

Book Launch: Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage: Two Hundred Years of Southern Cuisine and Culture

Sexual Harassment / Violence Prevention Awareness Run

A&S/ROTC Fun Run/Walk

The Politics of Memory

From the Classroom to a Career: Panel Discussion with Chemistry Alumni

"Writing History about the Living: The Highs & Lows of Recent History Research"

Compressed Course: "An Introduction to Text Mining and Textual Data Analysis for the Humanities and Social Sciences"

Public Lecture: "Terrorist Spotting for Beginners: Mass surveillance through language"

A Kindley Visitation performed by the James Leva Quartet

SWAP Discussion of Judicial Systems and Institutions in Appalachia

Linguistics Seminar: "On the Prescriptivity of Imperatives"

Linguistics Seminar: "Data-Driven Compound Analysis"

“Chronic Liminality: living on the edge in a Zambian park buffer zone”

The State of Democracy in Latin America

"The Israelite Samaritan Today: Past, Present and Looking to the Future."

“The Street is Ours”: Beirut Graffiti and the Art of Beautification, Commemoration & Social Critique."

Graduate Student Grant-Getting at NSF, SSRC, NIJ, & NIH

Faculty Workshop on Private Foundation Grants

Annual Conference: Democracy at Risk

From Alpha to Omega and Beyond

SWAP Meeting with Dr. David Ruccio, Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame

“Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored Girls: Reclaiming Black Girlhoods through Black Women in Academia”

When Did My Skin Color Become a Threat?: A Discussion on Police Brutality and Discrimination

"Extended Healthspan Through Regenerative Medicine"

"Reprograming StemCell Fate and Function"

Appalachian Forum with talk by Fran Ansley on Labor Organizing in Appalachia

Works in Progress- "Fear and Fun: The Digital Humanities"

The Specter of Global China: Contesting the Power & Peril of Chinese State Capital in Zambia

"Sleepless Nights/Wasted Time: Seeking Islam in Egypt's Hollywood"

"All Quiet on the Western Front" Showing

Film Screening and Discussion of "Anne Braden: Southern Patriot" with Mimi Pickering

Hannah Pittard's Book Signing

“Engaging in Sustainability in Neoliberal Contact Zones”

Introducing the book: Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Transformations.

Women In China's Heroin Trade: A Niche Market Perspective

Pickin' Time Mountain Music and Harvest Day

SWAP Meeting with Brown Award Presentations

SWAP Meeting with Dr. William Schumann, Topic: "Engaging in Sustainability in Neoliberal Contact Zones"

When Galaxies Collide

"Heart Sickness, Protracted Displacement, and Uncertainty in Georgia"

A discussion with Professor Emeritus Stan Brunn

Marcia England (Miami University)

“The Lebanese Community of Mexico and the Development of Mexican Film"

Wild Women of Poetry

Sonia Series community lecture, featuring Asha Bandele

Lecture: The Case of William Wells Brown, Kentuckian

First Fridays at the Farm

Derek Ruez (University of Kentucky): "Encounter, Intelligibility, Politics: Making Sense of Sexuality and Race in Sydney"

Into the arms of dolls: falling total fertility rates, Japan's fiscal crisis, and the comforts of the post human.

"Confronting The Right to Food Through Abolition Ecology"

Chris van Dyke (University of Kentucky): "Landscape Memory in a Time of Amnesia -- Recovering the Clark Fork River at Milltown, Montana"

Justin Maxwell (Indiana University)

Stan Brunn (University of Kentucky)

Patrick Bigger (University of Kentucky)

Carolyn Finney (University of California at Berkeley)

Jongcheol Seo (Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea)

What I Did Last Summer!

Rashad Shabazz: "Our Prison": Kitchenettes, Carceral Power and Black Masculinity During the Interwar Years

"Sepharad at the tip of Africa" - Pre-Kick Off Event

"Sepharad at the tip of Africa" - Pre-kick off events

Film viewing and discussion of The Other Boleyn Girl with Susan Bordo

CANCELLED--Jared Gardner's Talk

Cancelled--Bagel Hour with Jared Gardner

DaMaris Hill Reading an Excerpt From Her Novel Willows in the Spring

The Inception of the Solar System

Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: DaMaris Hill

UK Historians discuss 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the Great War

Claudia Roden "Gefilte Fish and Couscous"

Katherine Bullock “Women and Islam”

Mina Yazdani “Religious Diversity in Iran”

“The Arab World and American Democracy”

“The Arab Spring: The Youth Revolts of the Arab World Aren't Over

Yousif Sheronik “Percussion of the Middle East”

Tanya Habjouqa, Palestinian Photography

"Religion, Identity and Competing Visions of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia"

"My Father’s Paradise: How a Jewish Kid from Los Angeles Traveled to Wartime Iraq in Search of Roots, Identity and His Father's Improbable Life Story "

The Significance of Being First; Competing: Jewish and Arab Discourses

“Democracy at Risk Around the World” with Amaney Jamal; co-sponsored by QPSIR

“Islamist Thought and the Egyptian Revolution”

"How US Policy on Palestine Contributes to the Impasse."

UK Art Museum opening of the exhibit "Containing Culture: Art of the Middle East"

"Pilgrimage in a Tourist Age: The Case of Birthright Israel and the Shaping of Jewish Identity"

“Messy Little Wars: U.S. Approaches to Iraq since 1990.”

“Crossroads and Caravans: Ceramics in the Islamic World"

Start-Up Army: Military Entreprenuers and the Evolution of Israel's Special Operations Forces

UK Education Abroad Fair

“The Future of Islam”

Modern Islamic Art and its sources in the Middle East

"Kosher/Soul? Black-Jewish Identity Cooking"

To the Universe: How Old Are You, Anyway?

The "Arab Spring" in Social Media: Possibilities and Perils in a Networked Age

6th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture


6th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture

Year of the Middle East Kickoff

2015 van Winter Memorial Lecture

Dean's List Reception

A&S K Week Event Day

Chemistry Department Seminar - Cancelled

International Youth Water Justice Summit

Chemistry Department Seminar

Dawson Lecture - Cancelled

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Stars that pulsate and what they teach us about the universe

2-Day Intensive SEM Workshop

Vote, Pray, Write: (Researching) Women and Religious Politics in India

Perelman’s Dissociations: Double Fidélité, Fighting the Nazis, and the New Rhetoric Project’s Canon of Invention

Reversing Trajectories: Incarceration, Violence and Political Consequences

Denis Goldberg Legendary Anti-Apartheid Activist

Children at Risk Research Conference Keynote Address: Gender, Sexuality, & Risks for Violence among Young Women and LGBTQ Youth in Urban Communities

"Masks of Mexico: Reflecting the Past, Portraying the Future"

AFROTC Long Rifle Tournament

Distinguished Professor Lecture

Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime

"The Embarrassment of Being a Subject: From St. Paul to Internet Porn" With Jennifer Fleissner

Navigating the Left Turn: Sexual Politics and the Citizen Revolution in Ecuador

Chemistry Graduation Celebration & Student Awards Ceremony

Vowels vs. Vader: Exploring the Light & Dark Sides of Indo-European

Cesar Chavez Celebration Day

Getting from Here to There? Power, Politics, and Urban Sustainability in North America

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Patterns of Inequality and Latin American Support for Redistribution

Nelson Mandela Lecture in Community Sustainability: Ouita Michel

Performance by Ladino rockstar

Presentation by Ladino rockstar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Conference on Political and Economic Inequality

Biology Department Seminar "Introgression in westslope cutthroat trout: a case study in conservation genomics"

Biology Department Seminar “How Genomes Respond to Foreign Information”

Purim Festival: A celebration of Jewish culture

German Slang: Kaffeestunde

Understanding Cultural Continuity in Korean Music

Cultural Differences between German and American Universities: Kaffeestunde

A History of Judaism Through Comix

Drawing on Tradition -- Artist's Talk with JT Waldman

A History of Judaism Through Comix

African American and Africana Studies Social Science Speaker Series: Karyn Lacy

The Power of Babel: and Why We Can't Fight it in Our Own Language

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Creative Writing Award Submission Deadline

Reflections on March 11, 2011: Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath

"Reflections on March 11, 2011: Japan's Disasters and their Aftermath" - AGSA Distinguished Lecture Series

Civil War: The Untold Story

Analysis and PDE Seminar

For the Turtle's Sake: Miracles, the third sector and hegemony in the coast of Oaxaca

Documentary: Visa al Paraíso: Gilberto Bosques en Francia (1939-1944)

A Night of African American Jewish Culture

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Problems with Marx…and Some Solutions

Political Ecology and the End(s) of Critique

Environmental Racism as a Form of State-Sanctioned Racial Violence

DOPE 2014 Scholar/Activist Panel: Working Across Borders: US/Latin America Collaborations for Social and Environmental Justice

DOPE 2014 Plenary Panel: Engaging Difference: Displacing the Subject in Political Ecology

The emotion management of social edges: exploring attachments to market and state

The Outsourced Self: intimate life in market times

Something Old, Something New: Disability, Gender, Blackness and Performance in African Diaspora and African-American Studies

Biology Department Seminar "An 'Old-World' Yet 'New' Animal Model of Essential Hypertension: Implications for Translation to Human Cardiovascular Disease"

How Mexican Axolotls Promote Science, Conservation, and Creativity

Biology Department Seminar

Biology Department Seminar "Developmental Genetics of Mammalian Reproductive Organs"

The Body in Pain, Performance in African Diaspora and Caribbean Studies

The Humility of God in Rabbinic Judaism

Chemistry Department Seminar

40th Annual Naff Symposium

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Research Highlights: Looking Back at 45 Years of Geology

Inequality in the US: Consequences

The Earth is Cleverer than You Are—Learnings in Earth & Seismic Modeling

The Deep History of Life

Dramatic Presentation -"Las Voces de los Apalaches"

Mexico on the Digital Frontier: Creating Access in Archives and Libraries

Translating Affect

Exhibit: Photography of Mexican Revolution

Indian Arts & the Politics of Culture in Central Mexico

Tracy Fisher: "Rethinking Blackness, Feminisms, and Transracial Solidarities"

Latin American Populism: Between Authoritarianism and Democratization

Amy Lind (University of Cincinnati)

Karl Raitz (University of Kentucky)

Northern Honor and the Crime Against Summer

Comala: Opera Concert

Dean's List Reception

Govenor Jon Huntsman Lecture

Faculty Candidate Seminar

Running Markov chain without Markov basis

Marginal correlation measures for unpaired clustered data under cluster-based informativeness

The Christmas Star of Bethlehem

Faculty Candidate Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Mark Fonstad (University of Oregon)

Reflecting Critically on 50 Yeas of the War on Poverty: Young Volunteers in Appalachia

Marcia England (Miami University)

Jon Otto (University of Kentucky)

Jonathan Phillips (University of Kentucky)

Joel Wainwright (Ohio State University)

Heather Golden (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Lize Mogel (Independent artist/writer)

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Fluorous-Phase Synthesis of Heparan Sulfate Disaccharides & Low-Molecular Weight Additives for Enhancing the Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries

MarK Chagall and the Bible Exhibit

A Blast from the Past: Remembering UK's Jewish Heritage in Greek Life and Beyond

What You Can Do With A GWS Major

Transnational "Manchuria," Trans-nationalized Japan, and the Future of Postwar Japan

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

A&S Open House/Major Fair Registration

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Sigma Tau Delta Membership Meeting

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

Aiming For New Heights: Conference on Civil Rights

"Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives" Premiere

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

A Blast From the Past: Remembering UK's Jewish Heritage in Greek Life and Beyond

New Challenges for Peace and Security in East Asia: Perspectives on Japan’s Future

Careers in Nonprofits

Nonprofit Resource Fair

How to Impress Your Boss in 90 Days

A Blast from the Past

Spring Registration for Non-Degree Students

Spring Registration for Freshmen with 0 to 12 Credit Hours

Spring Registration for Freshmen with 13 to 29 Credit Hours

Spring Registration for Sophomores

Spring Registration for Juniors

Spring Registration for Seniors

Spring Registration for Honors Program & Students with Disabilities

Spring Registration for Evening & Weekend Programs

Spring Registration for Post-Baccalaureate Students

Spring Registration for Masters, Specialists, Pharm D.

Spring Registration for Doctorate Students

America in Kankuro Kudo's World: Pop Art and Intertextuality

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Close the U.S. Military's School of the Americas: 2013 Tour

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

"Petro Patrons: Rentier States and Security in the Persian Gulf"

Owen Dwyer (Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis)

Matthew W. Wilson (University of Kentucky)

Peace Corps Info Session: Live, Learn & Work with a Community Overseas

Joshua Inwood (University of Tennessee)

Mary Thomas (Ohio State University)

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

The Tension Between Western and Indigenous Knowledges in Intercultural Bilingual Education in Ecuador

Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture

New Challenges for Peace and Security in East Asia: Perspectives on Japan’s Future

Wikileaks: The Personal Experience of an Ambassador

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Imperial Intentions and Frontier Realities: Provincial Politics in the Aztec Empire

Songs of Mexico: Recital on works by María Grever, Tata Nacho, and Agustín Lara

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

UK Chemistry Demonstration Show

Department of History Scavenger Hunt

Conmigo Discussion Group

Shoulder to Shoulder Salsa!

Festival del Dia de los Muertos

Lexington Thriller Parade

Halloween Costume Contest

"Conversaciones" with Conmigo

pBT TOEFL Practice Sessions

Department of Education Partnership

iBT TOEFL Practice Sessions

"Where Am I...?" Map Project

Department of Education Partnership

pBT TOEFL Practice Sessions

Locust Trace AgriScience School Visit

iBT TOEFL Practice Sessions

pBT TOEFL Practice Sessions

Lecture: "Indias no tan Nobles."

iBT TOEFL Practice Session

Morton Middle School Visit

Conmigo Discussion Group

Montessori High School Visit

September/October Birthday Party

From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin: Race and Cultural Masculinities

Lecture: Making Up the Difference

Dr. Chad Montrie speaks in honor of Professor Ron Eller's Career at UK

Festival Latino de Lexington

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Introductory Workshop on Time-Series Analysis

Special Registration Visits

A Random Walk from the Laboratory to the Boardroom

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Reception for Dr. Nancy Tomes

Nancy Tomes: "Doctor Shoppers: A Gendered Perspective on the History of Medical Consumerism"

An Interview with Ron Leshem

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

Japanese Attitudes toward the United States since 311: New Perceptions for the Oldest Ally

Translated Justice? Ixhil Maya Participation in the Trial of Ríos Montt for Genocide in Guatemala

Break dancing with the dead: Popular music and the role of ancestors in Maya language revitalization

Appalachians Strike Back: Eastern Kentuckians perceptions of dialect variation in Kentucky

Choosing Your English Classes

Languages, Dialects, or Repertoires? Approaches to ethnic language with a focus on Jewish English

National Day of Writing...The Longest Short Story Ever

Truth-Conditional Pragmatics and Semantic Presuppositions

James Thompson (West Virginia University)

Jeremy Crampton, Sue Roberts, and Ate Poorthuis (University of Kentucky)

Harold Perkins (Ohio University)

Caroline Nagel (University of South Carolina)

Edna Wangui (Ohio University)

Test Anxiety Workshop

Test Anxiety Workshop

5th Biennial Herbert Marcuse Society Conference

"What are the Limits to Capitalism?," Committee on Social Theory Public Lecture

"The Nature of Famines," Committee on Social Theory Public Lecture

"The Crisis in Market Regulation," Committee on Social Theory Public Lecture

"Lessons of the Great Depression" Comittee on Social Theory Public Lecture

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

"Constitutional Dysfunction on Trial: Can Courts Save Congress from the President (and Itself)?"

Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

The Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes: A Local Perspective

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Dr. Kaila Story "The White Man’s the Devil~ The Black Man is King: Intraracial Sexual Politics and the Consequences for Black Women"

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

CHE 572- Communication in Chemistry

Spin-Independent CP Violation in Neutron and Nuclear Radiative Beta Decays

Learn LaTeX with Yu Ouyang

Learn SAS with Mahdi Asgari

Learn SPSS with Jennifer Jewell

Learn R Studio with Yu Ouyang

Stars with Accents: readings by Ada Limón, George Ella Lyon, and Sarah Freligh

Drama and Social Change: A conversation with Kia Corthron and Patrice Muhammad.

An Evening with Bonnie Jo Campbell: "What I Learned about Writing from my Mother."

Wild Women of Poetry Slam w/Saul Williams

Charge Transport in Organic Materials and Devices

Strengthening Ties Between UK & Lexington

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar - Cancelled

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

I Live I See: The Poetry of Vsevolod Nekrasov

The Reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European Syllable Structure: Applying Synchronic Theory within Diachronic Linguistics

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Reception

SLEEP DEALER Film Screening and Q&A with Director Alex Rivera

Engineering the Border: Imagining America

Temples in Diaspora: Religiosity, Urban Space and the Construction of Consilience in Tamil Toronto

Western and Indigenous Knowledges in Intercultural Education in Ecuador

Biology Seminar "Estimating Diversification Times: An Exploration of Fungi"

Interactive Colloquium on African American Rhetoric/Book Presentation

Undergraduate Pizza Lunch (for Prospective Physics Majors/Minors)

Printing Workshop - The King Library Press

Taller Martin Pescador: A Private Press in Mexico

Signs of the Times: Text and Image in Classic Maya Civilization

Deborah Nichols (Dartmouth College) "When Money Grew on Trees: Aztec Markets, Merchants, and Commerce"

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Graduate Research Talk

Graduate Research Talk

Graduate Research Talk

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Chemistry Department Seminar

Analytical Tools for Proteomics Study of Toxoplasma Gondii

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

Chemistry Department Faculty Poster Session

Cosmological Implications of Recent Low-noise, High-resolution Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background

Quantum Critical Spin Systems

Monica Diaz "Indias no tan nobles." Native Petitions and the Rhetoric of Purity in Colonial Mexico

Biological Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Seminar

From Basic to Applied Research: A broad, multidisciplinary approach

Tracing the Formation of Massive Galaxies in the Early Universe

Application of Pyrolysis-GC/MS to the Study of Biomass and Biomass Constituents

Como Agua Para Chocolate

Biological Chemistry Seminar

Physical Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminar

Inorganic Chemistry Seminar

Analytical Chemistry Seminar

CHE 572 - Communication in Chemistry

A study of selective oxidative cleavage of the Cα-Cβ linkage...

Dr. Lorenzo Meyer Politics in Mexico Today (A&S 100 Course)

Drug War talk by anthropologist Howard Campbell (A&S 100 Course)

A&S 100 - Special Course: Viva Mexico! A Century of War & Peace

History of Jews in Mexico

Lecture on Soldaderas in Mexican Literature (Wired Course)

Cultural Heritage & Tourism Panel (A&S 100 class)

Mexican Revolution Day Film - "The Storm that Swept Mexico"

Day of Dead Ballet

Day of the Dead Festival

Altar Building Workshop

Day of Dead Slide Presentation

UK Art Museum Viva Mexico! Teacher's Workshop

Gustavo Arellano presents his book "Taco USA"

Kickoff: Viva Mexico!

GREAT GATSBY screening -- Sigma Tau Delta and LNFS

GWS Breckinridge Bash

Modern Genesis: The Amazing Story of our Cosmic Origins

Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

Succeed In Sociology

Don't Blow Yourself Up: Surviving Chemistry

Chemistry Open House

WRD Graffiti Wall and "Real World" Recording

A&S Wired Move-in Day

Fall 2013 Social Theory Distinguished Speaker - Simon Critchley

Biology Seminar "Polarized Cell Signaling During Retinogenesis"

5th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture "Clones, Hermaphrodites, and Pregnancies"

"Small Molecule Inhibitors of Protein Interaction with Glycosaminoglycans (SMIGs): Implications for Human Diseases and Development as Therapeutics"

Promotion and Tenure Seminar "Next Generation Phylogenetics"

2014 Appalachian Research Symposium

Great Lakes Strings Conference

Celebrating the 2013-14 Kentucky Poet Laureate - Frank X Walker

The Second Annual UK-Shaghai University Student Summit

Tetris: From Russia With Love

Doughnuts and Coffee from Sigma Tau Delta

Invisible War--Documentary

UK Chemistry Awards and Scholarships Convocation 2013

Curves from Math, Waves in Glass

Distinguished Professor Lecture

A Secret History: The Real Young Stalin

Reimagining Early Modern Russia

Sigma Tau Delta meeting

Beyond Steubenville: Rape in the digital age

The People's Avengers: The Soviet Guerrill War in World War II

The Great War in Russian Memory

"ELENA" - Modern Russian Society in Contemporary Russian Film

Migration and Sociopolitical Mobility in Africa and the Africian Diasporas International Conference Honoring Edward A. Alpers

From the Bullet to the Ballot: The Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party and Racial Coalition of Politics in Chicago

Dacha Enchantments: Living a Natural Life in the New Russia

Hearing Appalachian Voices

Louisiana Bucket Brigade: Fighting for Environmental Justice in Fenceline Communities

Louisiana Bucket Brigade: Fighting for Environmental Justice in Fenceline Communities

Gurney Norman reads & signs "Ancient Creek"

Signing and discussion of new book: The Creation of Anne Boleyn

Русский разговор

Russian Tea Русский чай

Concert: Lexington Philharmonic performs Rachmaninov's 3rd

"Remembering the Soviet-Afghan War: How a Blockbuster Film, Online Chat Rooms, Video Games, and Russian Veterans have Reshaped the Meanings of Russia’s Vietnam"

Russian & Ukrainian Songs--A Recital

The Poetry of Alexandra Petrova: Lecture & Student Poetry Recital

"Bulgakov's Dreams": An Original Play by UK Theater

"When Will the Real Day Come? Soviet World War II Films, 1945-1985"

Film: "The Cranes are Flying"

Concert: Lexington Philharmonic performs Shostakovich

"From Fichte to Florensky: The Adaptation of German Idealism within Russian Philosophy"

“The People’s Avengers: The Soviet Guerrilla War in World War II”

"She Defends the Motherland" (No Greater Love)

"Empires and Global History"

Matryoshka Painting and Russian Fairy-Tale Telling

"The Great War in Russian Memory"

Roundtable: Central Asian Education

"Interrelating Shamans, Politics, Ecology and Spirituality in Siberia”

Free Russian Class, Part II

Film Showing - "Arsenal"

Concert: Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma

Russian Conversation Hour Русский разговор with special guest, broadcast journalist Eradzh Nidoev

The Moscow Canal & the Creation of Soviet Space

Learning and Teaching about Asia

Poetry Reading in the Open Air

The Best of Both Worlds: Blended Learning in the Language Classroom

English Pre-Registration Open House

The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever

"The Making of an Icon: Black Harlem and the Jewish Lower East Side"

"The New Antisemitism and Multidirectional Memory"

Rosie Moosnick, book signing and lecture

The Moosnick Lecture Series

"Environmental Health Concerns in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy"

“The TVA Coal Waste Disaster”

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS--movie and costume contest

Dept. of Anthropology Distinguished Lecture Series

Ceramics Patronage in Early Modern Japan: Comparisons of Three Case Studies

The Public and the Private: The Writing and Circulation of Personal Letters in Early China

“Postmemorial Trauma”: The Revisionist Turn in Japan’s Memories of the Asia-Pacific War

Local Residents’ Perceptions towards the Impacts of the Gaming Industry Development in Macau, China

Food in China: Linking Research Projects with Study Abroad and Student Recruitment

Film Screening: Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Russian Conceptualist Art

Русский чай Russian Tea and Soviet Poster Exhibit Opening

International Conference on Global Racism

We need more mountain gorillas: Documenting the skeletal anatomy of a vanishing great ape

16th Annual University of Kentucky Philosophy Graduate Student Conference

Differentiated object marking in North Russian, Uzbek and Spanish

Conflicting Realms of Russia: "Putin was Sent to Russia by God" vs. P****-Riot

English in Russia: From a Language of Elite to a Language of the Masses

A&S Abroad at Keeneland Hall

Derek Gregory, University of British Columbia: “Gabriel's War: Cartography and the Changing Art of War "




Meeting for Summer London Theatre Program

Thom Heyer: Mannish Exhibit and talk

Annual Luckens Prize Lecture in Jewish Studies

Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference 2013

"Does English Have Resumptive Pronouns?"

"Fathers and Sons: Do all the Russians in the USA speak the same language?"

Sky Talk-What Ancient Stars Tell Us About the Universe

"Freedom from Camps": Housing and Power in the Experience of Sri Lankan Long-term Refugees in India

Reproductive Justice Symposium

Public Reading by A.J. Verdelle

Word Games with Friends in English and Sigma Tau Delta

Book Group Discussion-Sigma Tau Delta

Reception for Students Interested in Creative Writing

Second Annual Chinese Cultural Open House

UK Linguistics Club Event - Tolkien's Imaginary Languages

Sigma Tau Delta Meeting

Japanese documentaries addressing earthquake recovery

2nd Lecture in Jewish Studies Speaker Series Nov. 12, 8pm W. T. Young Library

English Department Awards Day

Improving the Properties of Donor-Acceptor Copolymers by Rational Monomer Design

Bryan Hanks and Jean-Luc Houle, Presentations on Archeology in Russia and Mongolia

Erin Koch, Lecture, “Saakashvili's "zero tolerance" Regime & Its Consequences”

Stefan Pugh, Lecture, "The Rusyns and their language: East Slavs in search of identity"

Daniel Prior, Lecture ”How a Horse Theft Becomes a Praise Poem"

Daniel Prior, Lecture “Riding through a Kirghiz Epic Poem”

Film Showing: My Father is Baryshnikov (Russia)

JT Waldman presents "My Pekar Years: Creating Comix and Exploring Judaism with 'Our Man'"

"The Peopling of the Americas and the Dene-Yeniseian Connection"

Global Mountain Regions Conference

ROTC Fall Run/Walk with the Dean

Content and Context: the 'Cultural' in Bio-cultural Health-related Research

Janet Stamatel Lecture, “Democracy, Crime, & Punishment in Central Eastern Europe”

“b-Mail: Everyday Communication on Birch bark in Medieval Russia”

"Energy Politics in Russia"

"Human Trafficking in the former USSR"

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

“Human Trafficking in Eurasia”

“Interpersonal violence in post-Soviet Russia: Socioeconomic change, political change, and alcohol.”

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

"If you only have time to attend one talk on autophagy today, this is the one"

National Day of Writing

Sigma Tau Delta General Membership Meeting

Beekeeping Livelihoods

Modeling the effects of climate change on soils in semiarid environments

The Politics of Latin American Migration

Hispanic and Latin Heritage Campus Celebration

Sin Pais (Without Country) "Documentary and Dialogue"

Latin/Hispanic Student and Faculty Mixer

Music from Latin America

Talk on Mayan Languages

The Thirty-Ninth Annual Naff Symposium: The Origins of Life

Changes in DNA repair enzymes of the BER pathway during the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Chemistry Department Faculty Poster Session

2013 Undergraduate Poster Competition

Laser Spectroscopy of Jet-cooled Reactive Intermediates Containing Group 15 Elements

Spectroscopy and Structures of Small Lanthanum Oxide Clusters

Ultralow Voltage Electrowetting on a Solidlike Ionic-Liquid Dielectric Layer

Hydrazone-based Switches, Fluorophores and Sensors

Stability and Functionality of Membrane Protein--AcrB

Jewish Studies Ice Cream Social

Return to Hardin Village: Protohistoric Craft Production and Interregional Interaction on the Ohio River

Hunting with Dogs in Lowland Nicaragua

Professional Archaeology Beyond the Academy

Stones of Fire and Sky: A Social History of Ancient Maya Lithic Artifacts

Bluegrass Renaissance Book Launch

How Cholesterol Promotes the Amyloidogenic Pathway of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dean's List Reception

Year of Russia Kick-Off Event

Linguistics Program Seminar Series: The Ket language of Siberia

‘Science’ In Social Science, an Epistemological Dilemma for Scholarship on Africa: Reflections on the Universal

“End Corporate Rule”, a lecture by David Cobb

Preparation, Characterization, and Applications of Functionalized Carbon Nano-onions

Refashioning the Self through New Therapeutics in Urban China

Theory Seminar: Nonsingular Cosmologies and Fixed Points

Colloquium: Pinning down the Smallest Kind of Neutrino Oscillation

Colloquium: Time Crystals

Women in Science Forum

A&S Wired Move-In Day

K Week A&S Meet & Greet

Large Functionalized Acenes and Acenequinones for Bioimaging and Organic Photovoltaics

Probing Single-Molecule Protein Conformational Dynamics in Enzymatic Reactions and Protein-Protein Interactions

Development Of Novel Chemical Tools For Proteasome Biology

Organic Molecules Spread on High Energy Surface: Origin, Structure and Stability

The Nuclear Structure of 94Zr: From Anomaly to Resolution

“Feebler Voices?” Men in the American Women's Rights Movement, 1830-1890

Metal Assisted Bond Activation of Olefins: Spectroscopy and Structure

Physicochemical Modifications and Application of Carbon nano-onions For Supercapacitor

Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis of Furan Derivatives Using Electrophillic Ruthenium(II) Catalysts

Developing Green Technology for the Synthesis of Value Added Chemicals and Biologically Active Compounds

Chemistry Department Faculty Poster Session

The Disordered Regulation of Calcineurin

Sixteenth Annual Lyle Ramsay Dawson Lecture Series

High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of Radical Containing Complexes and Radical-Radical Reaction Products in Helium Nanodroplets

Carbene-Stabilization of Highly Reactive Main Group Molecules

The Origins of Protein Functions in Cells

The Origin and Evolution of Photosynthesis

The Methoxy Radical: An Incredible Playground for Hi-resolution Molecular Spectroscopists

Advancing our Understanding of Blood and its Functions with Biotechnology

Using Nucleic Acids as Catalysts and Sensors

Grammy nominee Larry Cordle to play benefit concert, June 21 at 7 p.m.

3rd Bluegrass Algebra Conference

Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre, Space and Cultural Production

CFP: Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University

S.T. Roach Community Conversations: Sankofa Awards

Energy Education, Contextual Learning and Classroom Science

The Thirty-Eight Annual Naff Symposium: Metals and Proteins

2012 Chemistry Honors and Awards Convocation

Appalachian Forum, Book Signing, and Panel

Appalachian Forum: Panel of Appalachian authors

Appalachian Forum: Dinner reception & booksigning event

Appalachian Forum: Helen Lewis & Judi Jennings

Interrogating Alternative Local Economies: A Sympathetic Yet Critical Perspective

Silas House - This is My Heart For You

Enchantment and Its Discontents: Representing The Island In Text And Tableau

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

Place Matters lecture by bell hooks

Undergraduate Poster Competition

Spoken Stories by Gurney Norman

"Perspectives in the Philosophy of Art"

Ghost Stories and Humorous Anecdotes Told By Professional Kentucky Servants

Oyama and NItta Japanese Shamisen Performance

Wired Coffee Chat With Dr. Karen Tice

Symposium: Understanding the Arab Spring

Year of China Film Series: The Other Half

Year of China Film Series: The Warriors of Quigang

Year of China Film Series: Dreams of Tibet

Year of China Lecture Series: Chinese Musical Instruments: Then and Now - Dr. Kuo-Huang Han

Year of China Lecture Series: The Increasing Role of China in Global Food Security - Shenggen Fan

Year of China Lecture Series: When is the Postcolonial Imperial? - Shu-mei Shih

Year of China Film Series - Autumn Gem (秋瑾)

Lecture Series - Chinese Acupuncture with Connie Jennings

Ernie Yanarella & Richard Levine, Year of China Lecture Series

Demolition (拆迁 ) & discussion with the director

Astro Seminar: Gururaj Wagle

Astro Seminar: Ye Wang

Astro Seminar: Grant Thompson

Astro Seminar: Furea Kiuchi

Condensed Matter Seminar: Dawn Bonnell

Condensed Matter Seminar: Olexei Motrunich

Condensed Matter Seminar: Lukasz Fidkowski

Condensed Matter Seminar: Babak Seredjeh

Condensed Matter Seminar: Cristian Staii

van Winter Lecture: Paul Steinhardt

Theory Seminar: Yu Nakayama

UK ROTC Fun Run/Walk with the Dean

EES Student Research Symposium - Poster Presentation

Philosophy Graduate Student Conference

Southeastern Conference on Linguistics

Assistance to Appalachian KY communities affected by tornadoes

Sword of The Spirit, Shield of Faith: Religion in American War and Diplomacy

RAE Film Series (Japan Studies): Always 3-Chome no Yuuhi (Always: Sunset on the 3rd Street)

RAE Film Series (Arabic and Islamic Studies): The Dupes

RAE Film Series (Russian Studies): Urga

RAE film series (Chinese Studies): Baishe Chuanshuo (The Sorcerer and the White Snake)"

Another Bric in the Wall?: South Africa's Developmental Impact on Sub-Sarahan Africa

Physics Colloquium: Alexandra Gade

Second Annual Research Conference on Children at Risk

English Graduate Student Organization Conference

Narcissism Under Threat: Anger, Envy, and Aggression

Book Signing for Karen Tice's Queens of Academe: Beauty Pageantry, Student Bodies, and College Life

Biology Seminar TBA featuring Randall Prather

Spinal Cord Injury: Molecular Responses Conserved from Lamprey to Human

Roles of Science Faculty with Education Specialties in Higher Education

Challenge to the Production of Indigenous Knowledge

Tai Chi Demonstrations

Understanding the Relationship Between Genes and Social Behavior: Lessons from the Honey Bee

Close the Transatlantic Gap: American Popular Music and German Culture since the 1960s

Shiping Hua, Year of China Lecture Series

Anthony Clark, Year of China Lecture Series

UKCI 2012 Spring Gala: Chinese Kung-fu, Dragon & Lion Dance

Past Obsessions: World War II in History and Memory: presentation by Professor Carol Gluck, George Sansom Professor of History, Columbia University

Latin Studies Discussion - A Vast and Unexplored Continent: the Latin Literature of the 18th century

Documentary: Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo & The Search for Identity

Condensed Matter/CAM seminar: Vincent Meunier

Theory Seminar-Pierre Sikivie

Sky Talk: Gary Ferland

GWS Research Matters Series: Mary Anglin, "Fighting the Odds: Poverty, Race, and the Cultural Politics of Breast Cancer

What's New In Science - Drugs and the Brain with Susan Barron

What's New In Science - Understanding Evolution Through Genomes with Randal Voss

What's New In Science - Chemistry and Modern Life with John Anthony

Studying DNA Thermodynamics and Base Composition in the Presence of Additives Utilizing Newly Developed Colorimetric Techniques - Chemistry Seminar

Condensed Matter Seminar: Robert W. Cohn

Computational Sciences Seminar Mark Fahey

What are principal parts, and what can they tell us about an inflectional system's morphological complexity?

GWS Symposium: Tamara Mose Brown, "Building a Community of Mothers: Under the Watchful Eye"

Tamara Mose Brown: "Nanny Networks: A Discussion about Raising Brooklyn"

GWS Research Matters Series: Nancy Schoenberg, "Addressing Cancer Inequalities Among Appalachian Women: A Decade of Diverse Research Endeavors"

GWS Research Matters Series: Melissa Stein "Bodies of Knowledge: Historical Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Biological Determinism""

Philosophy Speaker Series: Karen Bennett

Sky Talk-Dr. Thomas Troland

Colloquium: Leonid Glazman

Power to the People? Conference of the International Studies Program

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Biology Seminar - Molecular Optimization of Biofuel Production from Microalgae

Biology Seminar - Synaptic Plasticity, Memory and Pain

Biology Seminar - Genomic Patterns of Hybridization and Adaption in Annual Sunflowers

Biology Seminar - The Evolution of Vision in Mantis Shrimp

EES Seminar - John Holbrook

EES Seminar - From Bug to Basin: Along-strike Variability of Shallow-Marine and Coastal Plain Strata

EES Seminar - Crustal Structure of the Eastern U.S. from Potential Field Data

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Karen Tice "Queens of Academe: Campus Pageantry and Student Life"

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Susan Bordo "Queen with Six Fingers: Origins of Popular Myths about Anne Boleyn"

GWS Breckinridge Bash

GWS Breckinridge Bash

UK Queer Reading Group

UK Queer Reading Group

UK Queer Reading Group

It’s More Than a Month - A Part of Community Cinema Project

Dramatic Nanofluidic Properties of Carbon Nanotube Membranes as a Platform for Protein Channel Mimetics - Chemistry Seminar

"Empire and Domestic Economy: Continuity and Change in Mongolia’s Bronze and Iron Age Archaeological Landscape" by Dr. Jean-Luc Houle of Western Kentucky University

Colloquium: David Sand

Theory Seminar: Al Shapere

CCS Seminar: Brian O'Shea

Chinese Studies Program Lecture Series: Jean-Luc Houle

Efficient Electrochemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanotube Membranes - Chemistry Seminar

A Novel Activity for Fungal Nitronate Monooxygenase - Chemistry Seminar

Chemistry Seminar - Aman Kaur

Fluorinated and Imide-Functionalized Conjugated Polymers: Synthesis, Structure-Property and Device Studies

Regenerative Upconversion Photochemistry based on Sensitized Triplet Fusion - Chemistry Seminar

Developing Small-ringed Macrocyclic Tetra-carbene Ligands for Catalytic Systems - Chemistry Seminar

US/China relations In The Year Of The Dragon

Chinese New Year Celebration / Chinese Art Exhibtion

A Positive View of LGBTQ - Book Signing

Breathitt Undergraduate Lecture in the Humanities: Memory And Hapticity - Why Architecture Must Depend Upon The Common Senses

Wired Coffee Chat With Dr. Melynda Price

Community Day of Writing at the Lexington Farmers Market

Dissertation Defense of M. Elena Aldea Agudo

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2012

RAE Brown Bag Series: Prof. Matt Wells (UK Chinese Studies)

Wired Coffee Chat With Former Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry

Honey Of A Day - Abigail Keam

Global Connections: Workshop on Connecting Classes Internationally

Appalachian Speaker Series - Place Matters: Mary Gray

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Rusty Barrett, "Sickening Queens: Ethnic and Class Difference in Drag"

UK Founders Day 2012 Celebration

Symposium - Narrating the Caribbean: Food for the Soul or Food for Thought

Symposium - Narrating the Caribbean: Food for the Soul or Food for Thought

Anthropology Colloquium Series: Dr. Sholeh Sharokhi

English Department Colloquium

Video Game Research Comes to Keeneland Hall

Enzymatic Total Syntheses and Tailored Enzymes: New Aspects of Biosynthesis Research - Chemistry Seminar

Seeking the Good Life in America: Lessons From the Appalachian Past - Ronald D. Eller

Appalachian Forum on Home Food Preservation in Eastern Kentucky - Lisa Conley

RAE Brown Bag Series: Prof. Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby (UK Russian Studies)

Understanding the Misconceptions of Islam: Jihad and more

Crowded Polymer Solutions as a Cytoplasm Mimic - Chemistry Seminar

Leveraging the Reactivity of Activated Hydrazones and Oximes in the Development of New Asymmetric Methods - Chemistry Seminar

IkB Kinase oligomerization and activation of NF-kB - Chemistry Seminar

Annual Jewish Studies Luckens Lecture

Linguistics Program Faculty Speaker Series featuring Stayc DuBravac

Irving Roth speaks on "Recollections of a Survivor"

S.T. Roach Community Conversations: 99 Problems

S.T. Roach Community Conversations: The Power and the Pain of Empowered Black Men

S.T. Roach Community Conversation - The Enemy Within: Black Male Health and Healing

S.T. Roach Community Conversations: So Black I'm Blue

S.T. Roach Community Conversations: Dr. King's Dream for Black Men, What's Next?

S.T. Roach Community Conversations - Rebuilding The Block: A Celebration of Black Male Excellence

UK Linguistics Club Meeting

Appalachian Forum Series

Jean Baker discusses her new biography of Margaret Sanger

Chinese Education In A Changing Society - Wang Juefei

Quasicrystals: The 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Linguistics Program Faculty Speaker Series: Haralambos Symeonidis

Lecture: "Estado Plurinacional Derechos Afrodescendientes y Desigualdad Racial en Ecuador"

LGBT Task Force Film Series: "Kinky Boots"

CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

Film and Reality: A Conversation with A.O. Scott

A Conversation with Rufus Friday

Year of China Lecture Series, Vanessa Fong

“Insiders and Outsiders: Jewish Communities in the Appalachian Coalfields”

Year of China Lecture Series, Julia Chang Bloch

The History Department presents Daniel Sharfstein, "Secrets and Lines: Uncovering a History of Race in the United States"

First Friday Panel Discussion - Does Culture Matter in Sustainable Agriculture

UK Archaeology Roundtable-- Dr. Steve Ahler

Development of New Hosts for Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes - Chemistry Seminar

Father Justin Sinaites- "'We Knew Not Whether We Were in Heaven or on Earth': The Heritage of Russian Iconography"

Father Justin Sinaites presents "St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Desert: A Direct Link with the Ancient World"

James Baker Hall Writers Series Fourth Installment

UK MATH CLUB -- How to make the best slide ever!

Year of China Film Series-Beijing or Bust

Year of China Film Series-2 Million Minutes

Year of China Film Series-Last Train Home

Year of China Film Series-Morning Sun

Year of China Lecture Series-Carma Hinton

Isaac Murphy Bike Club Ride/Walk

An Evening with Talib Kweli

UK MATH CLUB - Celebration of Mind: an event to celebrate Martin Gardner's birthday

African American and Africana Studies Hosts Tailgate Event

Foriegn Language Majors Event

Year of China Lecture Series

Designer Nanotubes: The role of Materials Synthesis in Application Driven Composites Engineering - Chemistry Seminar

Chasing Transient Molecules with Lasers, Molecular Spectroscopy of Radicals and Ions - Chemistry Seminar

A Novel Hydrophobicity Scale Derived from Membrane Protein Folding into Phospholipid Vesicles - Chemistry Seminar

Dynamics of Polyatomic Free Radical Reactions - Chemistry Seminar

Huun Huur Tu Concert

Throat Singing Demonstration

Music and the Spirit World in Central and Siberia

Music and Ritual Himalayan Music

Carter G Woodson Lecture Series - Robert Mock

UK Chemistry Demonstration Show

Willpower: New And Surprising Evidence of the Greatest Human Strength

UK MATH CLUB: Fighting Back a Viral Attack with a Virus

Philosophy Speakers Series - Theodore Toadvine (University of Oregon)

Philosophy Speakers Series - Daniel Dahlstrom (Boston University)

Philosophy Speakers Series - J Barry (Indiana University Southeast)

The Intersection of Alcohol Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence

Kirk Hazen Lecture-Linguistics Program Speaker Series

Ned Stuckey-French to give lecture "Baldwin, Didion, Digitization, and the Future"

Film: Señoritas Extraviadas

“The Disappeared Señoritas of Ciudad Juárez”

UK Army and Air Force ROTC's Annual Walk/Run with the Dean of Arts & Sciences

Celebration of Faculty Excellence Reception

Kent Masterson Brown - Guest Speaker

A&S Alumni Speaker Series - Former Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry

Social Theory First Working Paper

Organometallic Heterocycle and Quinone Complexes of Ruthenium, Iron and Manganese - Chemistry Seminar

Pin1-Catalyzed Conformational Regulation in Aging, Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease - Chemistry Seminar

What One Can Do With Flow Adsorption Calorimetry - Chemistry Seminar

The Mythology of the Doudou: Sexualizing Black Female Bodies, Constructing Culture and Nation in the French Caribbean.

Tribute Concert to Federico Garcia Lorca

Carol Mason presents "Kinky Hillbilly Queens"

Fall Geography Colloquium - David Correia

Fall Geography Colloquium - Hank Savitch

Fall Geography Colloquium - Krisen Monroe

Fall Geography Colloquium - Sandra Zupan

Department of Philosophy Guest Speaker Elisabeth Camp

Fall Geography Colloquium - Pavel Samonil

Fall Geography Colloquium - Rebecca Lave

China in the American Imagination - Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Periodic Trends in Structure Function Relationship of Organic Heteroacenes - Chemistry Seminar

Vibrational and Electronic Spectroscopy of Gas Phase Carboxylic Acid Dimers - Chemistry Seminar

Kentucky Sky Talk - The Age of the Universe

Kentucky Sky Talk - Astronomy From the Big City

Panel on Immigration Issues Today

Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series 2011

Lecture - Sexual Violence Against College Women

Kentucky Geological Survey Mapping Symposium

EES Seminar - Graduate Students

EES Seminar - Dr Lewis Owen

EES Seminar - Dr Peter Gleick

EES Seminar - Dr Kevin Waller, Pioneer Natural Resources Company

EES Seminar - Dr Nikki Wagner

EES Seminar - Development of Reliable Hydrologic Data Sets in Difficult Environments

EES Seminar - Dr Stephen Sillman, University of Notre Dame

EES Seminar - Dr Lucy Flesch, Purdue University

EES Seminar - Ron Counts, Kentucky Geological Survey

EES Seminar - Bill Murphie, U.S. Department of Energy

A Journey Through Colombia

Concierto Musical Latinoamericano

Teaching and Technology Fair

Contested Ground: Visual Culture in China after 1989

Kentucky Women Writers Conference Poetry Slam

Yuguo Chen (from U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)