Desktop Support

How to sign a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

You may need to install Adobe products you can do so by going to , If you already have the Adobe products installed, but need to license them. Here is the tutorial for that.

Adding a Delegate in Outlook

This tutorial walks you through the steps of adding a delegate in Outlook 2016 (Windows) who can send items on your behalf and view and edit your calendar.  

Backup Items in Downloads Folder

Your Downloads folder is located on your computer's C drive and not automatically backed up to our A&S file servers.  This is not typically an issue since most people's Downloads folders consist of various free software installers and documents or pdfs downloaded from web pages.  We know sometimes you do make changes to these documents and save them back to you Downloads folder, so this tutorial walks you through moving select files out of Downloads and into your Documents folder.

Activate Preinstalled Office 365

If Hive sets up your new Windows laptop, we will typically install Office 365 for you and leave it for your to activate.  

Licensing Preinstalled Adobe Products

UK has changed the way Adobe products are licensed.  Here are the steps to take if you launch a program and receive a "sign-in required" message.  

Reestablishing Microsoft Office Desktop Shortcuts

Occasionally when a new version of software is installed, old shortcuts are left to the previous version of the software.  These shortcuts need to be removed, and new shortcuts need to be established.


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