Import Outlook archive into Office365 online archive

In the past, we set up Outlook archives so that email could be stored on the A&S file server and free up the limited space on the Exchange server. This was an imperfect system because the archive file type (.pst) doesn't perform very well on server storage, but if we moved the file to your local desktop's C drive, it might be lost in a hard drive crash or Windows reinstall.

Updating Apple Mail Configuration after Office 365 migration

If you had the Apple Mail client configured for Exchange, you will need to remove the Exchange account and add your Office 365 account after the migration is completed.

Prepare your iPhone/iPad for UK mail migration

This tutorial will show you how to check if your iPhone/iPad is correctly configured to work with Office 365 email. This tutorial was created on an iPad, but the steps for iPhone will be the same.

Adding Additional Members to a Resource Mailbox

As an owner of a resource mailbox, you may need to grant permissions to new people from time to time.  This is the way to add new members and/or owners to the mailbox.

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