How to create a news item

Intended audience: 
Content moderators

Instructions for posting news items to a department and the College frontpage.

1. Log In
Log into the site using your link blue ID and password.
2. Add Content
In the black bar click “Add content.”
3. Select Article
Select “Article,” from the list of options.
4. Title and body
Add a title and put the news that you want to showcase in the body. Be sure to add a 1-3 sentence summary of the article in the Summary Field.
6. Domain Access Options
Under “Domain Access options” make sure to UNCHECK “send to all affiliates” and to simply check the box of your department, if it should appear on the A&S calendar as well check "UK College of Arts & Sciences."
7. Custom URL
If the news article has a particularly long time or contains special character, it would be wise to create a custom URL. Choose the URL path settings tab at the bottom and uncheck "Generate Automatic URL alias. Input your own title using only lowercase letters, with words separated by hyphens.
8. Save