To insert an image into a basic page

Intended audience: 
Hive staff
Content moderators

Instructions for uploading, inserting and linking images in a basic page.

1. Log In
Log into the site using your link blue ID and password.
2. Go to the page that you want to edit
Go to the page that you want to edit, and click on the edit tab at the top of the page underneath the title.
3. To insert an image
Scroll to the box on the screen marked “Image,” and select the “Browse…” button. This will allow you to search and select an image from your computer.
4. Select the image
Once you have selected the picture from your computer the click the upload button in the same “Image” box.
5. Insert the image into the body
To insert the image into the body of the page, place your cursor (by clicking) wherever you would like the picture in the body of the text.
6. Click “Insert”
Then click “Insert” inside of the Image box.
7. To hyperlink the image
Once it is in the body, click on it and then use the same button for hyperlinking, enter the URL and then click the OK button.
8. Change Image properties
Double click on the image to change the size, border, spacing, alignment and alternative text.
9. Save
At the very bottom of the page make sure to hit the “Save” button, otherwise none of the changes will be applied to saved.