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To insert a file into a basic page

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Instructions for uploading, inserting and linking files in a basic page.


Log In

Log into the site using your link blue ID and password.

Tutorial step

Go to the page that you want to edit

Go to the page that you want to edit, and click on the edit tab at the top of the page underneath the title.

Tutorial step

To insert a file

Scroll to the box marked “File,” and select the “Browse…” button. This will allow you to search and select an image from your computer.

Tutorial step

Select the File

Once you have selected the file from your computer the click the upload button in the same “File” box.

Tutorial step

Insert the file into the body

To insert the file into the body of the page you can either highlight the text that you want to link to it or you can directly insert it into the page, which will then use the name of the file.


Right Click

Right click over the newly uploaded file (the text should be in orange) and select the option that says: in Firefox: Copy Link Location, in IE: Copy Shortcut, in Chrome: Copy Link address.

Tutorial step

Put in the body

Then to put it into the body, highlight the text that you would like it to be linked to and use the hyperlink button at the top (the little globe with a chain link at the bottom), paste the copied address into the hyperlink box and click OK.

Tutorial step


At the very bottom of the page make sure to hit the “Save” button, otherwise none of the changes will be applied to saved.

Tutorial step