Have you sent an email, written a text message, or posted on a social media site today? If you have, then you have communicated via screen. From the way televisions have shaped family dynamics in the home, to the way cell phones and computers have influenced grammar and penmanship, the screen pervades our ways of communicating. Joshua Abboud will address the interrelationship between the screen and writing in "Screen/Writing" (WRD 205/ENG 305), one of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media's groundbreaking course offerings for Spring 2012...

Published October 20, 2011

Did you know that there is a new certificate in the works for Peace Studies? Beth Connors-Manke is teaching "Rhetorics of Violence and Non-Violence" (WRD 205/ENG 205) in Spring 2012, and it will be a component of that certification program. The class is one of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media's groundbreaking course offerings for Spring 2012.

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman.


Published October 19, 2011

Jeremy Popkin is the T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. professor of History for the College of Arts and Sciences, and the director of the Jewish Studies Program, an interdisciplinary minor.

He has been named one of six finalists for the 2011 Cundill Prize in History, the world‘s largest nonfiction history book award, for his recent publication of "You Are All Free: The Haitian Revolution and the Abolition of Slavery."

The Jewish Studies Program will have its open-house event on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011, from 12 - 1:30 p.m. at the Bingham-Davis House (213 E. Maxwell Street).


Published October 17, 2011

Alan Brown is a Spanish professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Hispanic Studies. In this podcast, Professor Brown discusses his new position in the department, his current research, and opportunities for students to connect to the community through the Department of Hispanic Studies. The conversation was held in Spanish. Below is an English translation.


A&S: You are listening to a University of...

Published October 13, 2011

Each semester, the College of Arts and Sciences honors its students which have made the Dean’s List. This semester, we talked with some of the honored students about their experiences at UK and how UK and a liberal arts education have helped them in their career goals.  Their varying majors, academic experiences, and plans for after college showcased the diversity of opportunities within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Published October 12, 2011

On October 5th, 2011, a group of students from the University of Kentucky joined a small march to the site of Occupy Lexington, a sister event to New York's ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Students talk about their reasons for attending the event.

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman.

Published October 10, 2011

Solar energy has been around for a while now, but John Anthony, Michel Jabbour and Chi-Sing Man are part of a team that was recently awarded a National Science Foundation grant to develop new ways to catch and convert light to electricity. Anthony, a professor in the Department of Chemistry, describes the project, and his collaboration with mathematicians Jabbour and...

Published October 7, 2011

Abby Kerins was a poster presenter at the Lexington Farmer's Market on September 17th, 2011. Inspired by Alessandro Portelli, author of They Say in Harlan County, Kerins' research involved listening to (and reading transcripts of) oral histories from the coal-rich region of Appalachian Kentucky. Kerins focused on the role of women during coal miners' strikes in the 20th century. Kerins was mentored by Sociology professor Joanna...

Published October 6, 2011

Tim Knauer is a professor for the department of Physics and Astronomy, and the director of the MacAdam Student Observatory. Each month, he hosts the Kentucky SkyTalks, an ongoing series of discussions on the science of life and the universe.

This podcast was produced by Stephen Gordinier.

Creative Commons License...
Published October 5, 2011

Kelly Schumm is an Economics and Finance senior who recently traveled to Shanghai to study Mandarin. Kelly briefly discusses her expriences learning Chinese with UK Professor Matt Wells.

This podcast was produced by Sam Burchett.

Creative Commons License
Published October 3, 2011


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