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General Safety

All A&S faculty, staff, and students can use the below information for safety in their workplace regardless of whether they work in administrative/office, laboratory, or teaching areas.

Volunteer Requirements - procedure for supervisors of volunteers in A&S departments

First Aid - in spite of trying to follow safety rules/regulations, injuries and medical emergencies do occur.

Minors on Campus - any department with minors involved in university-sponsored programs or programs held at the university should follow these instructions set by UK Risk Management.  For more information on this requirement, please read UK Administrative Regulation 6:12.

Ergonomics - practice of designing equipment and work tasks to fit the capabilities of the worker by adjusting the work environment and practices to prevent injuries.

Lockout/Tagout - procedure used to isolate equipment from hazardous energy (e.g. steam, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, or gas) to prevent an unexpected start-up that can cause worker injury, fire, or equipment damage.

Machine Guarding - any mechanical motion of equipment should be guarded (when applicable) from workers bodies, appendages, hair, and clothing to prevent injury.

PPE Hazard Assessment - personal protective equipment should be used as a last resort line of worker protection.  Process and engineering controls should first be assessed to prevent worker exposure to dangerous processes and/or materials.

Space Heater Policy - the UK Fire Marshal has a clearly defined policy on space heaters in offices on campus.  No space heaters are ever allowed in the laboratory spaces.

Winter Walking Safety - Ice and snow can lead to serious slip and fall injuries. Follow these tips and reduce the odds of getting hurt.