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Space, Facilities & Safety / A&S Safety and Preparedness

A&S Safety and Preparedness


The information provided here contains safety rules and regulations from the University of Kentucky office of Environmental Health & Safety as well as external safety agencies.  Please use the information provided as a guideline and resource for general information. If you have questions or need help with a safety-related issue, please contact us here.


The two paths below differentiate between wet laboratory research (chemicals, biological, radioactive materials, laser, etc) and all members of the college (office/administrative, research, and teaching areas).  Please follow the link(s) below for the appropriate work area.

Emergency Preparedness

The College of Arts and Sciences' goal in regards to emergency planning is to coordinate and facilitate preparedness in each of its buildings and/or units.  In order to minimize the impacts of emergencies on our individual units, facilities, and working environments, the below information is available to each individual (student, staff, faculty, and visitor).