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6th & 7th year assistantship funding request

Dean's Tuition Scholarship request form

The College of Arts & Sciences has a limited number of Graduate Tuition Scholarships available each semester for situations where the stipend funding does not also cover the cost of tuition.  In the case of a need for a tuition scholarship the department should submit the Dean’s Tuition Scholarship request form as soon as possible for consideration. 

Some examples of requests that will be considered include:

  • Graduate student RA-ships on grants that specifically disallow tuition (documentation required)
  • Graduate student RA-ships on small-budget research grants (2 or fewer research personnel on the grant other than the PI, typically grants with annual direct costs of $100,000 or less; annual direct cost information must be provided on Grant Information form)
  • Remaining funds, if available, may be allocated for RA-ships related to state contracts that cover stipends but not tuition, or endowments that cover stipends but are insufficient to cover tuition, or students with strong external fellowship support that disallows tuition



Graduate Student Success: College Policy on Student Evaluation and Support

Graduate Student Residency and 749 Registration Policy

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