Student Spotlight

Hi! My name is Hannah Jeffries. I am a senior ISC major and Psychology minor. I grew up in Naples, Florida, but have been visiting Kentucky all my life. I love creative writing, singing, seeing theatre performances, cooking (as long as I don’t have to clean), traveling, and hanging out with my best friends in the world, who I’m lucky enough to live with.

The reason I choose UK is actually a funny story--my dad grew up in Louisville and is a diehard Cardinals fan. When I was a sophomore in high school, I used to say I was going to go to Kentucky just to bug him. The bugging eventually turned into insistent begging for him to take me to see campus. He finally did and I fell in love with it, especially after seeing Willy T. Ever since then, I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else--I only applied here and one other school!

Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

FERPA:  Sean Cooper from the UK Registrar’s Office recently conducted several FERPA training sessions for the A&S Staff this semester.   There will be more training opportunities with Sean in the near future.  FERPA contains several provisions that are important to students such as access to educational files, the release of personally identifiable records, and directory information and transcripts.  University employees may need to access student data to fulfill employment responsibilities.  FERPA protects student data from unlawful use and disclosure.  To further understand FERPA go to    

A&S Student Employees on Dean’s List:  A&S student intern, Lori Johnson, put together a webpage celebrating the academic success of 31 A&S student workers that made the spring 2015 Dean’s List.  To check out the students on the list and Dean’s List photos go to

Student Staff Spotlight

Tasha Ramsey
Student Spotlight


Hi! I’m Tasha! I’m a senior English major with a minor in Communication. I grew up in a small town called Utica, Ohio where I graduated from Utica High School in 2012. My family has always been amazingly supportive and has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams - even if that meant moving a state away from them! As an English major, I LOVE to read. I’m currently reading Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield in my spare time. I also enjoy running, doing yoga, baking, and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel, and our cat, Catsby (named after The Great Gatsby, of course). I love UK, but I’m excited to graduate!

Meet Luyi!




Luyi Su

Hive - Technical


1.       What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • I like traveling, photgraphy, gardening, and cooking 

2.       What is your favorite movie or book?

  • My favorite movie is Life of Pi. Since the internet, I rarely read any real books, and I am sorry for that. 

3.       What is your favorite animal?

  • Panda

4.       Where is your favorite place to go/vacation?

  • Yosemite National Park

5.       What is your favorite food?

Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

FERPA training is open to all A&S Staff this Friday, October 9, 9:30-11:00am, CB 247.  Sean Cooper, UK Senior Associate Registrar will be leading the session.  Please email me if you plan on attending.  There are still seats available.  This is a very informative and up-to-date presentation by Sean that I highly encourage attending if your schedule allows. 

October 15 is rapidly approaching, which means that UK Thursday Night Football versus Auburn is just about here.  This game will bring the national spotlight, and logistical challenges to the UK campus.  Work commutes and parking across campus will be affected.  Plan ahead for unusual travelling conditions and allow more time to reach your destination. 

Meet Joe Lewis



Joe Lewis

Academic Advisor

A&S Advising




1.  In my spare time I read, enjoy movies and love to travel.  I’m willing to go almost anywhere I’ve never been before.

2. I don’t have a favorite movie, there are just too many to pick from, but my favorite book is “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglass Adams.

3. I’m kind of a “foodie” so I like to try new things.  When we travel, we’re always using Tripadvisor and Yelp to find local, out of the way places.  My wife and I also do a lot BBQ as well.  We have a BBQ smoker and she has created her own dry rub recipe.

4. I make short films on the side. I’ve never made a dime doing it, but it’s always a pleasure to create something that didn’t exist before. I also collect movie memorabilia.

Brad's Blurb

Hello A&S Staff,

In a recent edition of UK Supervisor Solutions there was an article from Real Simple magazine on communicating.  It is a reminder that when you have important messages to deliver, the medium you choose is critical.  The article offers tips on the differences in email, phone, and in-person communication and how to ensure that your message is received no matter how you deliver it.  

Meet Aaron Vaught

I grew up in Somerset, KY and came to Lexington in 2006 to attend UK. I graduated with a BA in Geography in 2009 and an MS in Education Policy in 2012. As an undergraduate, I helped out in a preschool classroom at Booker T. Washington Elementary. I was also an Arts & Sciences Ambassador my senior year. In graduate school, I worked in the Center for Student Involvement and was the advisor to the Center for Community Outreach programs.  Along the way I met my wife Ashley and we have been married 4 years.


1.       What is your favorite movie or book? I tend to read more periodicals/newspapers than books. I am usually reading a combination of The Economist, BusinessWeek, National Geographic, and Mental Floss.

2.       What is your favorite animal? Definitely a dog person. My wife and I have a goldendoodle named Luna (of Harry Potter fame).

Meet John Haas!

John is a sophomore from Louisville, Kentucky. John is new to the College of Arts & Sciences, and is a student office assistant in the Department of Chemistry.

John finds that working in the College of Arts & Sciences has been very useful for a career in accounting or finance. He has already gained some helpful insights regarding his own communications skills and has increased his knowledge and proficiency in using the Microsoft Office Suite of products.

Currently, John and one other student worker in the Chemistry Department are working on a project to help redo the classroom signs around the Chemistry-Physics building. He feels that he is an important part of the process and that their insight on what would be most helpful for the students will be taken into account and potentially implemented.

When he isn’t hard at work in Arts & Sciences, John is an avid sports fan and loves to attend UK football and basketball games. He also enjoys professional sports and follows the Green Bay Packers, Arsenal and Bayern Munich football clubs. John spends his free time either reading or being in nature, and enjoys fishing, canoeing, and exploring.


Welcome to A&S, John.

Brad's Blurb

Hello A&S Friends,

Alicia Seabrooks (A&S Academic Advisor) was recently awarded the prestigious Professional Advisor of the Year award from the Kentucky Academic Advising Association (KACADA).  Alicia was recognized on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguished her as an outstanding academic advisor.  KACADA serves to increase recognition for academic advising as a profession and to support the development and professional growth of academic advisors in higher education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Alicia will be recognized for her achievement during the annual KACADA conference, held in Lexington, on September 17-18.  Congratulations to Alicia on her well-deserved award! 


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