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Building a Successful Student Employee Community

Finding talent, hiring talent and building a community of talent is something A&S prides itself on. We are the best place to work, and we have the best student employees! 

Our goal is simple; create an environment where students achieve professional experiences and involvement in strategic activities.

We want our students to not only gain a degree, but advance with marketable years of experience and knowledge in the increasingly competitive job market. We are proactively setting the foundation of student professionalism by partnering with UK HR Training and hosting professional development opportunities such as Business Etiquette 101.

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Student Employee Spotlight -- Introducing Lori Johnson

Hey y’all! I’m Lori Johnson and I’m junior from Louisville, KY! I’m studying Integrated Strategic Communications, and Community Leadership and Development; I know it’s a mouthful, but thankfully they’re two different majors! I’m also getting a certificate of Global Studies. Choosing where to go to college was a tough choice, but in the end my Big Blue Nation won out. The incredible sense of spirit and community is what really sealed the deal for me, everywhere you go, you see blue! It also didn’t hurt that my dad was also a Wildcat and I get to continue that tradition. Being a student at UK has given me the most amazing opportunities. I get to be in a great campus ministry, active in meaningful organizations and I have a really awesome job!

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Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

The brown bag lunch topics have been finalized for the semester.  On March 3, Debra Graham from UK HR Training and Development will present “Being Professional with Co-Workers” in the Barker Hall/Army ROTC conference room.  On April 7, Carrie Davidson who is the UK Health & Wellness Coordinator will present on how to get more physical activity at work, discuss resources on campus for exercise and simple steps to take to get fit.  She will also discuss healthy eating habits and options.  On May 5, A&S HR will have a discussion on how new hire salary recommendations are finalized when bringing on new staff.  

There is a webinar open to staff on Wednesday, March 4, POT 1645, 1:-2:30 p.m.  The webinar is by Innovative Educators and is titled “Frontline Customer Service in Higher Education:  10 Key Responses to Diffuse Frustration & Anger”.   Space for the live webinar is limited so please let me know if you would like to attend.  There will be other opportunities throughout the year to view the webinar. 

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Welcome to “The Sustainability Challenge”

I am engineer which means I love to solve problems – to find solutions, particularly when it comes to the environment. I am an optimist – deep down I believe a solution exists to most any problem though we may not be willing to accept the tradeoffs associated with that solution. I am also teacher at heart. I love working with students. My goal is to help students become engaged learners and critical thinkers.

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Work Life Balance (WLB)

Work Life Balance (WLB)

WL Strategy (Organizational/Individual): 

1.       Communicate what UK/College already has in place (Organizational)
2.       Be responsive, flexible, aware, supportive, fair, and consistent with employee WL requests (Organizational)
3.       Ownership of own unique WL needs (Individual)
4.       Communication with supervisor of WL needs (Individual) 

What it means for the Organization:

1.       Increased productivity
2.       Better staff retention and decreased turnover
3.       Being an employer of choice
4.       The ability to attract and recruit top talent

What it means for the Staff (exempt/non-exempt):

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Professional Development

Professional Development

Definition:  The continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to your profession, job responsibilities, or work environment.  Professional development is a key component of maintaining trained, informed, and motivated employees. 

Because the College of Arts and Sciences views people as our number one resource, we place the highest value in the professional development of the staff.  The College will assist and empower staff members to keep abreast of developments and trends in their area of responsibility and to acquire new skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to one’s area of responsibility or future responsibility.  The College encourages staff to seek out appropriate professional development opportunities and ensures that department budgets are in place to help make this possible. 

A&S organizational culture of PD:

-Budgeted, promoted, encouraged, and supported
-Commitment to provide training and education opportunities
-Communication of UK opportunities
-Stated priority of ensuring continued development of staff
-Hold supervisors accountable for the professional development of their team members


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Collegiality is important to the College as it promotes a collegial workplace with a focus on investing in people.  The most valuable asset of the College is the staff and the intellectual capital they possess and the culture they create.  The completion of professional work depends on an atmosphere of collegiality.  There will be normal disagreement, but that can be articulated in a professional manner, and should not be personal or disrespectful. 

Collegiality Defined:  Cooperative, civil, and professional interaction among colleagues-represents a reciprocal relationship among colleagues with a commitment to sustain a collaborative, positive, and trusting environment which is critical to the overall success of the College-refers to opportunities for staff members to feel that they belong to a mutually respected community who value each staff member’s contributions to the College, and take collective responsibility for their work together.

Operational Definition-Collegiality is demonstrated by: 

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Warmly Welcomed by the ROTC Community

As the newest employee in my role as the Department Manager, I have found myself warmly welcomed by this ROTC community with the Cadre and Cadets. The community is so strong among the students that I have been drawn and begun attending morning physical training (PT) sessions with our team. My attendance has been well received, and many of the cadets tell me how they feel that our entire Cadre and staff team is extremely connected, and that this is very encouraging to them. We train our cadets to lead with strong emphasis on values & ethics, personal development, officership, tactics & techniques, critical thinking, and problem solving within the ROTC program. The cadets spend much of their time building a team environment, and working together to accomplish the goals of this program. We strive to engage them in a learning environment focused on being strong leaders and building lifelong personal and professional development. Our cadets are sharp and focused. We have students in our program with exceptional academic achievements, and this program encourages them to be lifelong learners and educators. Detachment 290 is a team, we are a community, and most importantly we are family, and I could not be more proud to be a part of this unified force.

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Brad's Blurb

Dear Staff,

The next brown bag luncheon is set for March 3, Barker Hall, Room 109B, 12-1 p.m.  Debra Graham from UK HR will lead a discussion on “Professionalism with your Co-Workers and Customers”. 

There are several A&S job positions currently posted on the UK HR website.  Help spread the word to colleagues that the deadline to apply is only a few days away. 

  1. College Payroll Specialist Coordinator, Level  45, February 8 Application Deadline
  2. Grant Program Coordinator Principal, Level  46, February 8 Application Deadline
  3. Department Academic Administration Associate, Level 42, February 8 Application Deadline

The College is close to finalizing the members of the A&S Faculty & Staff Collegiality Committee.  The committee plans to convene in March.  The charge of the committee is to determine and describe the current level(s) of collegiality and respect of faculty towards College staff, identify areas and issues of concern, identify areas of strength with regard to faculty/staff collegiality within the College, and to recommend ways to improve areas/issues of concern and advance a work environment of collegiality and respect within the College.  Once finalized, the members of the committee will be relayed in a future newsletter.   


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