The A&S Podcast team is diligently working on an audio tour of campus! Designed to be smartphone and web-compatible, the tour is run through an app called AudioBoo. It allows you to record stuff wherever you are and share it (much like other audio sharing apps), but it also has a handy geotagging system integrated into its interface. This means we can upload stuff and make sure the file is associated with the right spot on the map! So far we only have a couple of locations on campus up, but we're making good progress and hope to have all of our entries done by K-Week. I wonder if other Colleges at UK will do this, too? It could be a great navigational/informational resource for freshmen, newcomers and visitors!


Since I am only in Germany for 4-weeks, my program is jam packed with activity after activity. In most occasions this is great, here are some ex’s:

Ø  Berlin Zoo (ooooh a plecostomus)

Ø  Wittenberg

Ø  Potsdam Adventure Park/Rope’s Course (feel the burn!)

Ø  Open Concert by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

The last activity on the list, however, carried a pretty interesting evening. After awkwardly smashed against Berliners in the rain for 30 minutes, I proceeded to enter the OUTDOOR Olympic stadium where the groups annually play. Before the procession of beautiful music, I spent my time arranging the perfekt tent using my umbrella and a few pages of Deutsch Vogue. Although showers of rain or neighbors grunting to my overwhelmingly intrusive umbrella constantly interrupted me, I enjoyed a glorious hour of orchestral gold that was simply unforgettable. Such a sad/annoying/awesome time! (picture is me wiith another lovely member from the trip, Brooke Wilson)


Au Revoir, Toulouse

This circle is closing awfully quickly:  1 week away from completing a full year of living in Toulouse; 1 week away from leaving Toulouse.  It has been a year of adapting to life in a country with a different language and different culture.  It has been a year of travel.  And it has been a year of professional development.

A Weekend in Collex (Geneva)

After four weeks in Paris, I left the city for the first time to spend the weekend just outside of Geneva, Switzerland. I was going to be visiting my girlfriend's father who works for Lexmark there. As I took the train away from Paris I began to see what had become an unfamiliar sight - nature that had not been completely shaped by human hands. It's not that Paris has no grass or trees but when you see green it is usually in a park that has been manicured to perfection. The three hour train ride gave me my view of France outside of Paris. The land itself very well could have been from within the United States. It was only the interruptions of farmhouses and other man made structures that confirmed the landscapes French identity.

Alemania, Germany, Deutschland!

Hello fellow Arts&Science’ers! I am studying abroad through the Discover Germany Program at the University of Kentucky, an exchange program that offers a 4-week introduction to studying abroad and emersion of German culture in Berlin, Germany. Therefore, I have decided to create a smallish blog series on my adventure to not only share in my hopefully interesting entries, but to catalog this life-changing experience. Thus far, my trip has begun with a set of already new experiences. The journey commenced with a lesson or two on how to navigate air traveling in regards to packing and proper etiquette (it’s kind of awkward to sleep/eat/sit next to a stranger for an 8 hour flight). After flying for a total of 12 hours, I can confidently mark that off the bucket list.Till next time! (The picture below is myself with a fellow member of the program—Tisis Shalise—after our painfully long flight…don’t we look great!)

Using the Power of the Sun to Create Photographs.

Click Here to learn more about these photographs, and how they were created using the Power of the Sun.

 Chris McCaw Chris McCaw

Creative Commons Licensure for A&S Podcasts

Some of you may have noticed a new little piece at the end of each podcast listing that looks like this:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

These little boxes with letters in them are Creative Commons Licenses - meaning that we, as the A&S Podcast team, have decided to indicate clearly what type of copyright we would like to exert over our own work. The "Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike" license means that people may use the podcast for non-commercial purposes (ie, to share for free, for educational purposes, remix for whatever purposes they wish, etc), they must attribute the work to its originator (whoever is listed as the producer for the podcast), and is obligated to share their derivative work under a similar CC license. 

The Hive - A Year in Review

Roughly a year ago, the primordial nebula of A&S administrators, designers, podcasters, videographers, instructional designers, software developers, and help desk support workers was tasked with coming up a name to reidentify and unify our staff. Prospective names came and went. Finally, it was decided - the Hive. As you may have heard from some of our podcasts, the Hive is A&S' newly unified team of both creative and technical services which provides the College with support on web and print media projects, public relations, and computing and information services. We are organized into 13 structured, yet fluid teams. We are a higher education-multimedia-information-technology-powerhouse.

Don't Be Fooled, Household Items Can Be Used As Film Developers.

I have been doing a lot of research on whether household items can actually be used for developing film or not. There is a large debate on this topic for alternative process photographers. Below is an article written by Roger K. Bunting, who argues that you can use Coffee, Tea, or Vitamin C in the Darkroom, to successfully develop film. Soon I will be putting this to the test, and will post any results from the instructions below. Stay posted.


Dana Rogers



Coffee, Tea, Or Vitamin C
Kitchen Chemistry In The Darkroom

By Roger K. Bunting • Posted: Sep 1, 2003



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