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Distinguished Professor Lecture Series Tonight Features Ron Eller

I would like to remind everyone about the upcoming A&S Distinguished Professor Lecture on Thursday, April 12. This year’s lecture, “Seeking the Good Life in America: Lessons From the Appalachian Past,” will be given by Ronald Eller from the Department of History. The lecture will begin at 7:30pm at the W.T. Young Auditorium with a reception immediately following in the W.T. Young Gallery. 

Please join us in honoring our 2011-2012 Distinguished Professor Ron Eller.

Recently I sat down with Professor Eller to discuss his newest book, Uneven Ground: Appalachian Since 1945 and his ties to the Appalachian region. 


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This Year in Jerusalem: The Pleasures of Passover in the “Promised Land”

Passover has always been one of my favorite Jewish holidays. I remember going to my Bubbie’s (grandmother’s) house as a kid, and looking forward to eating the smorgasboard of sugary treats that she would have—my favorites were the red and yellow, candied half fruit slices.

Passover fruit slices

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Addio America, Ciao Italia!

This summer I will be complementing my education here at the University of Kentucky by studying abroad in Florence, Italy! Though this seems like a daunting task, the Education Abroad staff at the University are extremely helpful and encouraging, as are all the professors within the College of Arts and Sciences! While in Italy I will be taking a Travel Writing course that I will receive credit for ENG 207, a class required for my major.  When planning your academic experience abroad, it is important to chose courses that will allow you to stay on track for your degree path. With help from the faculty and staff in Education Abroad and the College of Arts and Sciences, the application process is very easy! Check out to begin researching programs, just like I did.  Many of the other Ambassadors have studied abroad and I can't wait to gain experiences like theirs! One current Ambassador, Katie, is studying abroad in France now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I would love to assist you in the education abroad process! Ciao!

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Social Media Frenzy!


It seems that social media never sleeps. Everyday, something is being re-hashed, overturned, or invented to better connect users online. New applications like Tumblr and Pintrest are flooding the scene, while websites like Zinch and Kickstarter are social media appealing to niche audiences. It’s almost too much to keep up with!

Recently, I have been developing advertisements via Google and Facebook, something that is completely new to me. I’m learning fast, though! It seems that social media, as much as it benefits individuals, also can serve businesses, as well as academic institutions like A&S. This new avenue of advertising helps drive the cost of marketing campaigns down, especially when you compare to traditional print media methods AND you get to target a very specific audience.

I’d be really interested to hear what other social media sites people visit and use. Social media are developed now for a variety of interests and purposes. Any niche social media sites that I have yet to hear about? Let me know!

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Third Coast International Audio Festival

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is taking place this October! I am hoping to go, network, and learn. A bunch of workshops and sessions have been recorded from their last conference in 2010, which I've been listening to. From looking around the page, I've been picking up new blogs to follow, tips and tricks from professional audio producers, and hearing a lot of awesome podcasts in the process. 

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Mark Madness!

Greetings! UK basketball fever has hit campus and everyone is looking forward to the Final Four games. I was in China visiting Jilin University and Shanghai University and missed the first couple games of the NCAA tournament but managed to link my portable computer to my desktop in Lexington so I could watch them online. The computer kept me connected but for the Final Four games, I’m heading to NOLA to catch them live.

To get an idea of the excitement on campus, aside from the sea of blue and white shirts, check out a new UK Army ROTC video. They have their weekend set – how do you plan to cheer on the Cats?

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Spring Break in Okinawa

My Spring Break came a week after the University of Kentucky's. On Saturday I returned from a 6 day trip to the island of Okinawa. For the first 3 days we stayed in a beach front resort and finished the trip staying in a hostel near the main city of Naha. Unfortunately the trip to the resort took us a total of 10 hour travel time. We flew out of the Kobe airport into Naha and then were forced to take two buses and a taxi from the south of the island up to the north. Needless to say it was quite an uncomfortable journey trying to keep track of all 15 people and their luggage, while navigating an unknown place. When we finally made it to the resort we were greeted by lovely ocean views and warm weather. Since it is still technically off season for the beach we shared the resort with very few other guests. During the days at the resort I mainly found myself relaxing and trying to recover from the past two months of school work. The resort was quite far from any sort of large civilization but it was nice to be removed from city life.

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Wanna Learn Javascript? And Have Fun?

Hey all! I stumbled across this really cool website that uses a game-like interface to teach you Javascript! It's really easy and fun! I'm already about 50% through the Introduction section, but there's several other lessons as well.  Time will tell to see if what I learn here can actually transition to using Javascript in my sites, but for now I feel like I'm learning quickly and having fun.  Check it out!

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It’s Not a State Emergency, It’s the Jerusalem Marathon

It's a bird, it's a plane,'s a marathon....

In Israel, there are usually two times when traffic comes to a standstill and the roads are eerily quiet. One is Yom Kippur (or Day of Atonement) the Jewish holiday that brings an end to the “Days of Awe” at the beginning of the Jewish New Year.  Yom Kippur is a serious holiday, with most observant Jews spending the day in synagogue, fasting and praying that God will hear their prayers of atonement and inscribe them in the Book of Life for the coming year. Everything shuts down in W. Jerusalem, not a shop is open, nor a car to be found on the street. It’s quite something to experience; the only point of comparison that comes to mind is the quiet that descends upon American cities on Christmas day when pretty much everything, except some ethnic restaurants and movie theatres, closes. Of course it’s not quite the right comparison because Yom Kippur is a solemn time for reflection, and Christmas is a grand celebration (consumer and otherwise), but it’s the best I can muster.  Yet another difference, while observant Jews fast and pray, secular Jews bike in the streets.

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Quit it Japan, You are making me hungry

Japan has fantastic food, and it is very hard to come across something that isn't appetizing. I thought I would share a few places that I have been and some of the things I have eaten. Don't get too excited there isn't anything really out of the ordinary so far. 

 In Kobe we found ourselves hunting for Kobe beef so we decided to eat at this hibachi style place in the heart of the city. Of course little did we know, as I mentioned earlier, Kobe beef is just as expensive in Kobe as anywhere else. So we opted for beef raised the same way, but didn't quite make the grade when it came time to be eaten. Overall it was a delicious meal and a lot of fun. We enjoyed several courses, starting with salad, then onto soup, followed by vegetables beef and rice. 


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