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WUKY to play TED Talks on Sundays!

TEDTalks are some of the most interesting pieces of video I have come across, and the stories and findings that are revealed in these talks are going to be coming to WUKY 91.3 on Sundays! There's a fresh article on UKnow about it, which reminded me that I haven't listened to a good TEDTalk in awhile. As an audio nerd, I think that these often lend themselves better to a video format, but I love the mobility of audio-only formats! I will probably be downloading these and listening to them while I walk to work. 

If you haven't heard of these TED things, check some out. Or better yet, wait until you're on a deserted island with wi-fi. There are hundreds of these videos posted each year; currently about 900 are online for free. A recent, interesting one is Brian Greene's "Is our universe the only universe?"

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How does it work?

Earlier today, I was watching one of my friends trying to get a video playing on their computer.  First there was no sound, then no video, then sound but blurred colors behind it.  Not exactly what they were trying for.  I helped poke and prod a bit, but it seemed like there was nothing we could do.  It had been saved as an .avi file, instead of a more friendly .mp4 or .mov, which I wouldn't mention were it not for the fact that when this was pointed out, someone actually asked me, "So, what is an .avi file?"

I honestly hadn't a clue.

I'm not trying to point out my own ignorance, but rather emphasize that the more complicated our technology gets, the less and less we really know about it, and how it works.  I call tell you which files will and will not import in Final Cut Pro, but most of the time I can't tell you why that is.  I can tell you that recording on a Vixia camera involves a ration of roughly 1 GB per minute of filming, but why that is remains a mystery.  The list goes on, and I know I'm not the only person in the office that encounters this from time to time.

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The Sound of 34 People Eating Carrots

So, sometimes when I'm producing a podcast, I think, "Man, I wish I had some recordings sitting around of background noise, or birdsong, or tires on a gravel road..." and now, I don't have to worry about going and getting that audio myself (well, most of the time). Though it is more fun to go out and collect field recordings myself, I don't always have time to do it, and I do like to add some atmosphere here and there in pieces where it makes sense to do so. is a collaborative database of sounds under Creative Commons licensure. A lot of drum hits, sound effects, and for some reason, 34 tracks of people eating carrots... all under Creative Commons licenses, some of which are really free & open and some of which ask that the artists be attributed, or that the tracks not be used for commercial purposes. Either way, CC licenses seek to allow people fair use of things that would otherwise be subject to traditional copyright law, which is vague at best and erring on the side of caution can mean not using much of a work. 

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Social Discovery

Here's an interesting article about the current trends of social media. The author uses the term "social discovery" to refer to the phenomenon of posting and sharing what users have found versus what users are doing. I think it's a very interesting concept, and he's hitting the nail right on the head. Media sites like Pintrest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Reddit are all about sharing something that one has found and deems interesting and worthy of sharing, perhaps for their own benefit (self-esteem) or for the benefit of others (shared knowledge). 

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Summer Sessions Are Just Around the Corner


Students - don’t forget to check out and register for A&S summer classes. A&S is offering nearly 200 courses both online and campus-based for summer 2012. These courses are designed for students who want to make progress toward a UK degree over the summer, gain extra credit hours, explore new topics, and have flexibility with busy summer schedules. With courses ranging from anthropology and chemistry to political science and statistics, A&S has something for everyone.

The courses will be offered in two summer sessions:

Summer Session I
4-week Session (May 8-June 5)
First 6-week session (May 8-June 19)

Summer Session II
8-week session (June 7-August 2)
Second 6-week session (June 21-August 2)

For more information about summer courses, visit or contact your academic advisor.

Enroll this summer and see where A&S summer courses can take you!

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Distinguished Professor Lecture Series Tonight Features Ron Eller

I would like to remind everyone about the upcoming A&S Distinguished Professor Lecture on Thursday, April 12. This year’s lecture, “Seeking the Good Life in America: Lessons From the Appalachian Past,” will be given by Ronald Eller from the Department of History. The lecture will begin at 7:30pm at the W.T. Young Auditorium with a reception immediately following in the W.T. Young Gallery. 

Please join us in honoring our 2011-2012 Distinguished Professor Ron Eller.

Recently I sat down with Professor Eller to discuss his newest book, Uneven Ground: Appalachian Since 1945 and his ties to the Appalachian region. 


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This Year in Jerusalem: The Pleasures of Passover in the “Promised Land”

Passover has always been one of my favorite Jewish holidays. I remember going to my Bubbie’s (grandmother’s) house as a kid, and looking forward to eating the smorgasboard of sugary treats that she would have—my favorites were the red and yellow, candied half fruit slices.

Passover fruit slices

Photo credit

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Addio America, Ciao Italia!

This summer I will be complementing my education here at the University of Kentucky by studying abroad in Florence, Italy! Though this seems like a daunting task, the Education Abroad staff at the University are extremely helpful and encouraging, as are all the professors within the College of Arts and Sciences! While in Italy I will be taking a Travel Writing course that I will receive credit for ENG 207, a class required for my major.  When planning your academic experience abroad, it is important to chose courses that will allow you to stay on track for your degree path. With help from the faculty and staff in Education Abroad and the College of Arts and Sciences, the application process is very easy! Check out to begin researching programs, just like I did.  Many of the other Ambassadors have studied abroad and I can't wait to gain experiences like theirs! One current Ambassador, Katie, is studying abroad in France now! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I would love to assist you in the education abroad process! Ciao!

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Social Media Frenzy!


It seems that social media never sleeps. Everyday, something is being re-hashed, overturned, or invented to better connect users online. New applications like Tumblr and Pintrest are flooding the scene, while websites like Zinch and Kickstarter are social media appealing to niche audiences. It’s almost too much to keep up with!

Recently, I have been developing advertisements via Google and Facebook, something that is completely new to me. I’m learning fast, though! It seems that social media, as much as it benefits individuals, also can serve businesses, as well as academic institutions like A&S. This new avenue of advertising helps drive the cost of marketing campaigns down, especially when you compare to traditional print media methods AND you get to target a very specific audience.

I’d be really interested to hear what other social media sites people visit and use. Social media are developed now for a variety of interests and purposes. Any niche social media sites that I have yet to hear about? Let me know!

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Third Coast International Audio Festival

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is taking place this October! I am hoping to go, network, and learn. A bunch of workshops and sessions have been recorded from their last conference in 2010, which I've been listening to. From looking around the page, I've been picking up new blogs to follow, tips and tricks from professional audio producers, and hearing a lot of awesome podcasts in the process. 


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