07|31|14 - Regeneration Bonus: Ann Morris -

University of Kentucky biologist Ann Morris is studying retinal regeneration in zebrafish to find ways to combat human eye diseases.

- more...
07|30|14 - UK Psychologist Creating Online Tool to Help Patients Navigate Lung Cancer Screening Decision -

Dr. Jamie Studts is working to develop an online tool that will help individuals at high risk for lung cancer navigate the lung cancer screening decision-making process.

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07|29|14 - Banks Named Rhetorician of the Year -

Adam J. Banks professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies recently received the 2014 Rhetorician of the Year at The Young Rhetoricians Conference.

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07|24|14 - 'Dead' Language Resurrected at UK -

When in Lexington, do as the Romans do — at least if you're attending the Conventiculum Latinum Lexintoniense, a week-long conference where participants from all over the world are immersed in the Latin language.

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07|23|14 - Regeneration Group: Ashley Seifert -

Professor Ashley Seifert, whose research is focused on skin regeneration, is studying the African spiny mouse, a tiny mammal with some amazing regenerative abilities.

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08/13/14 - A&S Staff Retreat @
in UK Student Center Ballroom
08/26/14 - A&S K Week Event Day @
in Worsham Theather & Botanical Garden
09/04/14 - Year of the Middle East Kickoff @
in Student Center Patio
09/26/14 - Dean's List Reception @
in Student Center Ballroom
10/02/14 - 6th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture , Helen Blau, PhD - Stanford University @
in 116 T.H. Morgan Bldg.
10/03/14 - 6th Annual Thomas Hunt Morgan Lecture , Helen Blau, PhD - Stanford University @
in W.T. Young Library
10/10/14 - A&S Hall of Fame , Dean Kornbluh @
in Singletary Center Recital Hall
10/14/14 - The "Arab Spring" in Social Media: Possibilities and Perils in a Networked Age , Professor Todd Presner @
in UKAA Auditorium, William T. Young Library
10/17/14 - Dawson Lecture @
10/24/14 - Major Fair @
in Student Center Ballroom
11/05/14 - Service Learning 101 @
in POT 5 (Basement Level)

Passport to the World: 2014-2015


01/24/14 - About Greenhouse - The Environment & Sustainability Residential College is a living-learning community that engages students in learning about many aspects of the local environment, all in the context of sustainability, by bringing together students and faculty interested in understanding and actively supporting the development of a healthy environment for all residents. - more...
03/24/14 - Chemistry Learning Center Devoted to Student Success - Students in introductory-level chemistry courses at the University of Kentucky - more...
03/04/14 - Three Perspectives on the Inside-Out Program -

In this podcast, we hear from Carrie Oser

- more...
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