How to create an event

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Content moderators


Instructions for posting events to department and the College calendars.

1. Log In
Log into the site using your link blue ID and password.
2. Add Event
In the gray admin bar click “Add Event.”
3. Title, Location and Speaker
Add a title (required), location (optional) and speaker(s) (optional).
4. Dates
Change the “From date” and the “To date” to match the dates of the event. For events with no end date, you can un-check the "Show End Date" checkbox or make the From and To dates and times identical. Optionally, you can also set recurring events by clicking on the "Repeat" checkbox and selecting the repeat options.
5. Tags/Keywords
Add tags that are relevant to the post (optional)
6. Description
Add the description for the event you are posting (optional, recommended). If you add a description, a trimmed version of the text will show up on the A&S and/or department homepages. Note: To include images or files in your post, use the "Image" and "Files" uploader fields. See next step for details.
7. Upload files and images
See how to upload a file into a basic page and how to upload an image into a basic page Note: Files that are uploaded will show up at the end of the event post regardless whether you link it to text or not.
8. Type of Event (Optional)
If the event is part of a series such as a seminar series or a colloquium, then use this field to make calendars with like events. You can view the list of these events by clicking on the Type of Event after you save your post.
9. Domain Access Options
Under “Domain Access options” make sure to UNCHECK “send to all affiliates” and to simply check the box of your department. If the event should appear on the A&S homepage then also check the “UK College of Arts & Sciences” box as well. Note: PLEASE DO NOT publish events on other department sites unless you have permission from that department's DM or Chair.