Desktop Support

Configuring locked print and entering user code on Ricoh copiers

Many of the printers in the college are secured with a user code, and if the user code is not entered correctly on the computer that is sending a print job, the print job will not complete.  Locked print allows jobs to be sent securely to the printer and held there until you actually arrive at the printer to pick them up.  

Activating Office and Windows

If you are installing Office on a laptop or other machine that will not be housed primarily on UK's campus, the Office 365 Pro Plus version would be preferable and does not require activation:

Configuring Hold/Locked Print on ASPtr4

Hold print is used when you want to send a print job to the printer but not have it print immediately.  This is convenient when you need to print on envelopes or letterhead and need to change the paper in the tray before you proceed with the print job.  Locked print protects the held print job with a user code so that the print job is secure.  

Adding a departmental printer

These are the steps for adding a new printer to your A&S profile (when the printer you need to use hasn't been added to your account automatically). 

Adding a website to FileZilla

This applies to users accessing files on the main campus servers using SFTP and who have already obtained a WWW account. If you do not have a WWW account or need help downloading and installing FileZilla, please send us a help request or email us at


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