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Robert and Anne Trunzo Scholarships in Political Science and Pre-Law

Scholarships available to support:

  • Trunzo Scholarship for internships in politics, government, law, or public policy—awards of up to $5,000
  • Trunzo Scholarship for education abroad—awards of up to $3,000
  • Trunzo State Legislative Travel Grant: internships in Frankfort—awards of up to $500

Deadline:  See application for specific deadline dates


  • Open to Political Science majors or Arts & Sciences majors who plan to attend law school
  • Must be minimum junior status at time of internship or education abroad
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

Application must include:

  • Completed application (view form)
  • A 500-word statement explaining the opportunity and need for the scholarship.  Must communicate how the scholarship will enable the student to take advantage of an opportunity they couldn’t otherwise afford, and how the opportunity builds on the work/study the student has already done (or fills critical gaps). For more details, please see application.
  • Budget
  • Letter of reference from a faculty member
  • Learning contract or independent study syllabus for students who are seeking academic credit

Note:  At the time of applying for this scholarship, the student need not have obtained the proposed internship or been admitted to the education abroad opportunity. Receipt of the scholarship is contingent on a formal letter of acceptance for an internship or study abroad program.  

The Trunzo Scholars Program is funded with a generous donation from Robert ’78 and Anne Trunzo.

For further information, please contact Colleen Knight at