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Education Abroad


Interested in studying abroad?  

Watch College of Arts & Sciences students describe their experiences abroad


Let's Get Started!  


Passport: Give yourself 6 months processing time, just in case. 

  1. 1. Visit Gatton Student Center Passport Services Office (bottom level, outer door going toward Cornerstone)  

  1. 2. Submit Your Application: passport acceptance facility 




Step 1: Attend a First Steps Session

These sessions explain 1. the types of programs, 2. what to consider when choosing a program, 3. how to navigate costs and funding, and 4. preparing course equivalencies for your time abroad.  It is the place to get the top-level perspective, and start the conversation early.

Spring Semester Dates:


*Not 3/3

3:00 pm - 4:00 pmJoin Zoom Meeting  


*Not 3/4

2:00 pm - 3:00 pmGatton Student Center- East Wing- Room C233  

Can't attend one of these sessions?  There are more general First Steps Sessions on the Education Abroad website to choose from!


Step 2: Meet with your Academic Advisor

Every student is assigned an Academic Advisor, who will help you think about:

  1. the best time to study abroad in your course planning
    • (Depending on your major/minor, you may need to sequence certain courses.)
    • (Depending on your major/minor, you may need to be here some semesters.)
  2. which courses you may want to prioritize while abroad
    • (It helps your Education Abroad Advisor to arrive to your meeting, Step 3/4/5, with ideas of courses you want to study while abroad, that can keep you on track and/or free up your time during the semesters here.)

This step is critical to ensure you stay on track toward graduation.


Schedule an Appointment


Step 3: Find your Program

Program Search

There are different types of programs (explained in detail here):

  • Faculty-Led Programs (See Arts & Sciences faculty-led programs here.)
  • Partner Programs (See Arts & Sciences faculty participating in partner programs here.)
  • Exchange Programs
  • Direct Programs
  • Even Virtual Programs

For specific questions about a program, you can contact:

  • Faculty Directed? 
  • Partner? -- 


Step 4: Determine Costs

Each program has a "Cost" or "Costs & Scholarships" tab. Find the cost sheet for your program.

  1. Select the correct term from the dropdown box at the top (e.g. Spring, Summer, etc.)
  2. Select any required fields (such as tuition)
  3. Click the print icon to save. 


Example Cost Sheet


Step 5: Find Funding

Take advantage of funding available for education abroad!

UK Education Abroad Office

College of Arts & Sciences

  • Explore; Apply on Scholarship Universe
    • Notice different types of scholarships:
      • College Scholarships: Explore
        • Deadline: March 1
      • Major/Department Scholarships: Explore 
        • Deadlines vary by program.
      • Specific Need-Based Scholarships: Explore
        • First Generation Students
        • Internships, Service Learning
      • Student Experience Scholarships: Explore (March and April deadlines)
        • Education Abroad, Internships

Scholarships range in deadlines, award amount and eligibility requirements.


Step 6: Apply!

To apply for a program, find yours in the Program Search.

  1. Click the blue “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the program page. 
  2. Read the popup text box very carefully for an explanation of the UK EA Application fee. (Note: some applications don’t have a fee.) 
  3. Click Proceed. 
  4. Once you start your application, you will need to complete your profile and all of the application sections.


More Questions?

Within the College of Arts & Sciences: You have an advocate to help you ensure that you stay on track and work through all the steps:

Book an appointment with Tiffany Williams

Within the Education Abroad and Exchanges Office:  You have an advisor who can help you navigate the many different programs, costs, scholarships and application:

Book an appointment with Allison Peoples


Have you considered?

Upon your return, you may want to pursue an additional resume-building certificate, which may be easier than you think!

Certificate of Global Studies

The Certificate of Global Studies attests to your ability to live and work in a global community. It documents the global issues you have studied in your undergraduate courses, the credit you have earned through education abroad, the second language in which you have learned to communicate, and your internationally-focused activities in the United States. To learn more, click here.