‘Pick It Up’ for a Cleaner, Greener, More Beautiful UK

The University of Kentucky is launching the “Pick it Up” campaign this week, urging participation from the entire UK community to help make our campus litter-free.

Undergrads Present Sustainability Research at NSF Student Showcase

Undergraduates who participated in the NSF-funded Systems Thinking for Sustainability course at UK will present their research in a showcase tomorrow in the Lexmark Public Room in UK's Main Building.

Promote Sustainability With Earth Days in the Bluegrass 2014

The University of Kentucky this month is hosting the ninth annual Earth Days in the Bluegrass (EDBG), a month-long series of events promoting sustainability.

Bike Week 2014 Pedals onto Campus April 6-11

As part of the popular annual Earth Days in the Bluegrass event, Parking and Transportation Services and the Bicycle Advisory Committee are presenting the second annual Bike Week, to be held April 6-11.

Greenhouse Bike Giveaway

Greenhouse, the new Living Learning Program put together by a partnership between the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, is opening its doors next semester. As an incentive for students to join the new community, Greenhouse has organized a giveaway of several new bikes.

Here, UK Office of Sustainability Coordinator Shane Tedder discusses the giveaway, the Greenhouse Living Learning Community, and the benefits of having a bike at UK.

This podcast was produced by David Cole.

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Greenhouse Bike Giveaway by UK College of Arts & Sciences is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Sustainability Council Seeks At-Large Members, Proposals

The University of Kentucky Student Sustainability Council is seeking applications for up to 11 at-large members for the 2014-2015 school year.

Adapting to Adaptable Buildings

Melody Carswell, associate professor in the UK Department of Psychology, investigated with her students how occupants,were responding to the new, adaptable Davis Marksbury research building.

Greenhouse Commercial: see blue. live green.

We wanted to make a really cool commercial to show the world all the great things happening with UK's new Environment and Sustainability Residential College - Greenhouse.

Unfortunately, this is what the auditions looked like.

see blue. live green.

Go to to find out more details. You can also find us on Facebook at

Stormwater Management with Greenhouse's Carmen Agouridis

When it rains on roads, rooftops and parking lots at the University of Kentucky, where does all of the untreated stormwater go? Stormwater flows across these impervious surfaces picking up pollutants such as sediment, nutrients, pathogens, and trash before it flows through a series storm sewers on its ways to streams. Currently, this stormwater is not treated, but can we change that? Various entities on campus decided to tackle this question including Drs. Carmen Agouridis (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering), Ned Crankshaw and Brian Lee (Landscape Architecture), and Rick Durham (Horticulture); the Tracy Farmer Institute for Sustainability and the Environment; and the Department of Environmental Management . What started out as a student vision, for turning a non-functioning detention basin into a beneficial stormwater treatment system, has become a reality thanks in part to funding from UK’s Student Sustainability Council and the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. Visit the website for more info: Also visit to find out more about UK's Environment & Sustainability Residential College.

Inside Greenhouse: Shannon Bell and Alan Fryar

Two of the faculty co-directors, Shannon Bell from the Department of Sociology and Alan Fryar from the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, share some of their thoughts about the exciting new opportunity that Greenhouse can provide for students living on campus.

UK’s Greenhouse is designed for students interested in learning different aspects of their local environment, all in the context of sustainability. Greenhouse students will extend their classroom learning through community engagement with organizations and like-minded students committed to developing a sustainable Lexington.

Visit the website for more info:


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