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Nisheeta Desai

Nisheeta Desai (India)
PhD in Physics & Astronomy

When Nisheeta was working on her master's thesis at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai, India, her advisor recommended faculty at UK, so she explored the option of coming to the United States. Compared to other options, studying in the US and at UK allowed her time to think about the specific research she might want to pursue, with more opportunities to explore different areas of research.
Nisheeta studies theoretical condensed matter physics, specifically quantum magnetism. She holds a master's and bachelor's from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Goa, India. She first became interested in physics in high school, where she loved how we come up with models to describe laws of nature and why things happen.
Nisheeta enjoyed the full experience of doing her PhD at UK - from the people to the landscape. "The coursework is difficult and you would have to work hard if you join UK, but it's totally worth it," she said. “You will learn a lot in the process, and there are some really good people here who do great research. It's a great place to come." Another highlight for Nisheeta was meeting her husband at UK!
Nisheeta hopes to work as a professor/scientist, inspiring new generations of students.