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There might be slight updates for the 2017 FastTrack Program. Stay tuned. 


What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is a one-week program designed specifically for incoming first-year students. All students in the STEMcats LLP will participate in FastTrack. That being said, we open FastTrack to all incoming freshmen and who want to take advanage of this opportunity. Students experience coursework in a variety of disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Composition & Communications, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Introduction to Nursing. Students will have opportunity to work closely with senior professors and academic advisors while learning about academic expectations and campus life in preparation for success at UK.


What does FastTrack Cost?

  • The cost for this program is only $109. (This includes 6 dinners) You can pay via credit card online at the end of the registration process or you can mail in a check after you complete the online registration.
  • Early move-in cost is $138 ($23 per night x 6 nights) and will be charged to your student account.
  • Funds for other meals can be added to your account by going to UK PLUS ACCOUNT.

What are the goals of FastTrack?

FastTrack helps students acclimate to all aspects of college life.

FastTrack is an opportunity students to prepare for their college courses before the semester. They will come to campus early, meet professors, develop friendships, receive college-level instruction, complete college-level coursework, and identify campus support resources.


Why would I take this prep program when I am already excelling in Calculus, Biology or Chemistry?

This is a great question. The truth is that coming to college requires significant transition for every student. This program will help you begin that transition sooner. When classes begin, you will already know what to expect, you know some of your classmates, and you know about the campus resources available when you have a question.

Research indicates participation in this type of summer program increases success. For example, students pursuing highly regimented majors requiring higher level math - must successfully complete calculus in their first fall in order to graduate on time. While this program does take a week out of your summer, it is an investment against having to spend an additional year working on your undergraduate degree. Struggling in math, biology, chemistry, or WRD could cause a set-back. A few days spent now can save you a year (and the tuition) later.


When is FastTrack?

FastTrack begins with move-in on Saturday, August 12, 2017 and continues through Friday, August 18th when K-Week begins. 


What is the FastTrack class schedule? 

Your class schedule will be determined by your major and the classes you are taking during your fall semester schedule.  The schedule will reflect college life in that classes will be either :50 or 1:15 and will not always start at the same time. 


Will I need to buy any books for FastTrack?

No.  Supplemental materials will be provided in class.


Does this program award University credit?

No, there is no University credit associated with this program. Awarding credit for this program would dramatically increase the costs for something that isn’t necessary.


Where will I live?

If you are living on-campus in the fall semester, you will move directly into your housing assignment. This is another advantage of this program. You will be able to move in and get settled before the rest of the incoming first-year students. If you have not applied for on-campus housing, you will be responsible for providing your own housing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FastTrack students SHOULD NOT fill out the early move in form, as this will be taken care of upon registering through FastTrack.  
Can I participate in FastTrack and marching band or Rush?
Students participanting in Band and Rush can also participate in FastTrack.  In collaboration with the Band Director and Panhellenic Council, we have determined a mutually beneficial schedule for students.  Schedules will be made by early August, after students have gone through "See Blue" U Orientation and registered for the Fall term.
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