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A&S Faculty Directory

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Associate Professor
Director of Bachelor of Liberal Studies
New and Emerging Media, Visual Rhetorics, Image Theory, Ethics, Analog and Digital Technologies, Digital Technologies, Composition and communication pedagogy, Video Games
1307 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-8337
Visiting Assistant Professor
Water Resources, Political Ecology, environmental and sustainability studies, Environmental Humanities, Spatial representations in literary texts, South Asian studies
861 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Causes of and treatments for anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Cognitive Neuroscience, CBT, Noninvasive Brain Stimulation, Neuroimaging, fMRI, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), Exposure Therapy, Fear Extinction
105 Kastle Hall
Acting Director, Associate Director, School of Art and Visual Studies
Professor of Photography
103 School of Art and Visual Studies Building
859-257-4013, 859-257-8151
Cognitive Neuroscience
Etiology of drug and alcohol abuse, Alcohol and drug-associated cues and relapse, Alcohol Abuse
207K Kastle Hall
Associate Professor
Italian Studies
Italy, Italian, Andrea da Barberino, chivalric epic, Arthurian romances
1439 Patterson Office Tower
Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Linear and Nonlinear Models, Compartmental Models, Multivariate Methods.
325B Multidisciplinary Science Building
Professor of English
Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture, Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British Literature and Culture
1249 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6961
551 College of Nursing Building
(859) 257–3410, (859) 323–1057
Geologist and Section Head, Geologic Mapping, Kentucky Geological Survey
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences
202 MMRB
(859) 323-0506
C. W. Hammond Professor of Chemistry
Aromatic Chemistry, Organic Semiconductors, Materials for flexible electronics, organic synthesis
214 CAER Building #2
Senior Lecturer
Influence of Performance and Competition on the Self Concept
219 Kastle Hall
(859) 257-1941
Reactions toward societal change, Individual differences in reactions toward societal change, Solutions for reducing prejudice and discrimination
104 Kastle Hall, Lexington, KY, 40506
Senior Lecturer
Interracial interactions, Intergroup forgiveness, Psychological wellbeing of Black Americans
201 Kastle Hall
Associate Professor of Sociology
Agrarian Studies, Environmental Justice, Social Action, Social Theory, Rural Politics, political economy
1539 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 218-0501
Director (2010-2016), Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program
Main Group Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications, Aqueous Contaminants: Speciation and Biological Activity
235 Chemistry-Physics Building
859-257-7304 (office), 859-323-9985 (fax)
Assistant Professor
Chemical Biology, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, chemical immunology, Drug discovery
8593239561, 8593239530
Acting Chair
1627 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-9677
Recruiting Operations Officer
Barker Hall, Room 101B
(859) 257-6865, (859) 466-5473
Associate Professor, Clinical
Director of Psychology Scholars
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Substance Use Disorders, Health Disparities and Health Equity
207-N Kastle Hall
(859) 323-3817
Associate Professor
applied and computational mathematics
223F B&E
859 257-3057
Faculty, Lecturer
POT 955
No photograph available for jtba226
1335 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7002
University Research Professor
Cognitive Neuroscience
Director of Graduate Studies
Drug abuse, Neuroscience, Medication Development
BBSRB, Room 447
Assistant Professor
1567 Patterson Office Tower
Comparative Politics, Gender and Politics, Latin American Politics
1631 Patterson Office Tower
Professor, Department of Linguistics
Director, Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies Program
1673 Patterson Office Tower
Prenatal drug exposure, Behavioral teratology
214 T.P. Cooper Bldg.
(859)-619-1532, (859) 257-2099
Plant Ecology
213 MDR3
(859) 257-3996
Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
Law, Social Theory, Masculinities Studies, violence, Marriage and Kinship
214 Breckinridge Hall
Senior Academic Coordinator & Adjunct Assistant Professor
Patterson Office Tower, Room 220
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, epistemology
1437 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Dean for Advising
Instructional Pedagogy
355G Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Cognitive Neuroscience
Neurobehavioral mechanisms of learning, memory, and decision-making processes
1375 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-3001
Part-Time Instructor
1002 Patterson Office Tower
Instructor of Italian
20th & 21st Century Italian Poetry, Film Studies, Translation and Interpretation, The Intersection between Literature and Society
1027 Patterson Office Tower
1305 Patterson Office Tower
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