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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
Ceramics Patronage in Early Modern Japan: Comparisons of Three Case Studies Dr. Andrew Maske, School of Art and Visual Studies in the College of Fine Arts -
The Public and the Private: The Writing and Circulation of Personal Letters in Early China Dr. Matt Wells, Modern and Classical Languages in the College of Arts and Sciences -
“Postmemorial Trauma”: The Revisionist Turn in Japan’s Memories of the Asia-Pacific War Dr. Akiko Takenaka, History Department in the College of Arts and Sciences -
Local Residents’ Perceptions towards the Impacts of the Gaming Industry Development in Macau, China Dr. Tracy Lu, Department of Merchandising, Apparel, & Textiles in the College of Agriculture -
Food in China: Linking Research Projects with Study Abroad and Student Recruitment Dr. Wuyang Hu, Department of Agricultural Economics in the College of Agriculture -