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Speaker(s) / Presenter(s) Date
Chemistry Graduation Celebration -
Department of Chemistry Regional Undergraduate Poster Competition -
Graduation Celebration -
Regional Undergraduate Poster Competition -
Inaugural Susan A. Odom Lecture Dr. Jodie Lutkenhaus -
47th Annual Naff Symposium Dr. Erin Calipari, Dr. Tim Harris, Dr. Elizabeth Hillman and Dr. Baljit Khakh -
Probing the Assembly, Functional Relevance, and Dynamics of AcrA in Multi Drug Efflux in Escherichia coli Isoiza Ojo -
Succinylated polyethyleneimine gene delivery agents for enhanced transfection efficacy Md. Nasir Uddin -
Chemistry GSA Tailgating Event Chemistry GSA and Sri Lankan Student Association -
Photocatalytic Applications of TIO2 For Catechol Degradation and α-FE2O3 for Carbon Dioxide Reduction Ariful Hoque -
Dawson Lecture: Molecular Oxygen as a Reagent in Late Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry Dr. Karen Goldberg, University of Pennsylvania -
Understanding and Controlling Electrochemistry for Electrolyzers and Batteries Professor Andrew Gewirth -
Advances and challenges in understanding the electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels Professor Marc T. M. Koper -
Flavin Modification and Redox Tuning in the Bifurcating Electron Transfer Flavoprotein from Rhodopseudomonas palustris.: Two Arginines with Different Roles. Nishya Mohamed Raseek -
Synthesis, Crystal Engineering, and Material Properties of Small-Molecule Organic Semiconductors Emma Holland -
Design, synthesis, and anticancer properties of Ru(II) complexes with organometallic, “expanded” bipyridine, and O,O’-chelating ligands Raphael Ryan -
Mass spectrometry method development for the discovery and characterization of secondary metabolites Zachary Kelley -
Rational Design of Small Molecule Disruptors of Protein-Protein Interactions: PD-1/PD-L1, c-Myc, Arid4B Samuel Ofori -
Developing Synthetic Strategies for Multifaceted Applications of Stable Gold-Based Complexes Tyler Mertens -
Understanding the role of charge on particle transport within semidilute and concentrated biopolymer solutions and tau protein condensates. Kanthi Nuti -
Chemistry Graduation Celebration Chemistry Faculty and Alumni & Steamed on Facebook -
Converting Captured CO2 Directly into Fuels Dr. Curtis P. Berlinguette -
2021 Regional Undergraduate Poster Competition Dr. Josh Owen -
ClpXP degradation system in E. coli; a study of its energy sources and its applications in managing the expression levels of targeted membrane and soluble proteins Thilini Abeywansha -
Development of Genetic Algorithms to Predict Material Structures Josiah Roberts -