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Education Policy Committee

The College's Education Policy Committee (EPC) is made up of nine faculty members, three from each discipline that makes up the College of Arts and Sciences.  Its members are elected by the faculty and serve three-year, staggered terms.  The Education Policy Committee advises the dean, the Executive Committee, departments and faculty on all educational policy matters related to teaching, research, and service.  The Committee has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the faculty in approving or disapproving all proposals for new programs and courses and for changes in programs and courses.

A&S EPC Minutes

(2016-2017 AY), (2017-2018 AY)

A&S EPC minutes (Historic) 

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The 2022-23 A&S Educational Policy Committee (EPC) members are:

Scott Taylor 31-Dec-22 History
Brian J. McNely 15-Aug-24 Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies
Jeorg Ellen Sauer 15-Aug-25 Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Natural & Mathematical Sciences:

Erin Richard

15-Aug-23 Biology

Katie Paullin

15-Aug-24 Mathematics
Kim R. Woodrum 15-Aug-25 Chemistry
Social & Behavioral Sciences:
Liang Liang 15-Aug-23 Geography
Steven Arthur 15-Aug-24 Psychology
Ann Kingsolver 15-Aug-25 Anthropology
2022-23 Meetings are held Tuesdays 12:30-1:50pm in Patterson Office Tower

Aug. 30

Jan. 17 and 31

Sept. 13 and 27

Feb. 14 and 28

Oct 11

Mar. 28

Nov 8 and 29

Apr. 11 and 25


If you have any questions related to EPC or Curriculog, please contact Colleen Knight at