Current Courses

AIS 102-001
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic
Instructor: I. Bagby
Time: MTWR 12:00–12:50
AIS 102-002
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic

Instructor: Leen Srouji

Time: MTWR 1:00–1:50

AIS 102-401

Elementary Modern Standard Arabic

Instructor: N. Majzoub
Time: MW 6:00–7:45 p

AIS 202
Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic

Instructor: A. Miraztchijska
Time: MWF 12:00–12:50

AIS 302
Colloquial Arabic II

Instructor: S. Darrat
Time: MWF 11:00–11:50

AIS 330
Islamic Civilization II
(No Prerequisites) This course fulfills the USP Cross-Cultural Requirement

Instructor: Bagby
Time: T R 3:30 – 4:45
AIS 435
Topics in Islamic Studies: Islamic Political Thought

Instructor: S. Darrat
Time: T R 3:30–4:45

AIS 440
Introduction to the Qur'an
Instructor: S. Darrat
Time: T R 2:00–3:15
HIS 550
History & Politics of Iran: 1950-Present
Instructor: R. Olson
Time: R 3:00–5:30
HIS 551
Foreign Policies of Middle East States: Turkey Kurds
Instructor: R. Olson
Time: W 3:00–5:30
ANT 350-005
Topics in Anthropology: Middle East Cultures
Instructor: D. King
Time: MWF 2:00-2:50
PS 504-001
Islamic & Jewish Philosophy & the Classical Tradition
Instructor: Bradshaw
Time: T R 11:00-12:15
PHI 440-001
Topics in Regional Politics: Middle East
Instructor: Motamidi
Time: T R 3:00-4:15


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