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Submitted by jlbeam4 on Mon, 06/20/2011 - 04:57 pm

Bonding experiences come in many forms. Maybe it's going on a father-son trip or the relationship accumulated with a friend over the years. For me, the result is something I can't quite put into words, but I know it's the there. A certain feeling of mutual closeness through shared experiences and feelings. This weekend, I spent several hours in a recording studio with many people; some friends, some practically strangers. Music's ability to bond one another proved to be very powerful. 

I came to the recording sessions nervous, apprehensive. I had little knowledge of the songs and wanted to give off a good impression to fellow musicians. When the tape started rolling, I took a deep breath and began to play. The first take was breathtaking. "I felt like I just got a massage," I told the others as we walked back into the booth. It was such a peace, meditative, almost spiritual experience. We did another take, I felt even calmer. Nearing tranquility, I also felt more connected with the musicians. Although we were in separate rooms recording at the same time, we continued to grow closer. We ended up sticking with the 3rd take, and by then it was as if I had always been friends with the rest of the group. Every one of us really cared for the music we were creating and for each other. I think that channeling these feelings and energies really brings people together. This strange meditative, zen-like euphoria lingered for the next few hours. I felt blessed to take part in such an awesome experience.


Similarly, the next day, I had friends over for a pot-luck dinner. Some I had known for years, and others I was less close with. There's something about cooking and sharing a meal together that brings people closer to one another. For me, food is one of the simplest joys there are. We shared conversations and laughter, and it was just an easier way to feel more connected with people that I didn't consider myself close with.


And I think these feelings and experiences are open to anyone through any means. It's about doing what you love, doing it with care, and then sharing the experience with others.