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  • Pre-Health Professions Advisor
325 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-2766
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Phyllis Nally

Hello Students!  My name is Phyllis Nally, and I work in the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Advising. I advise students specifically interested in health professions that require admission to  professional programs beyond the undergraduate years. I'm always happy to help and look foward to assisting you in the future.  

As for me, I'm a Berea College graduate (English, BA / Health Minor), and I earned my MA degree from EKU in Community Counseling. I enjoy traveling, cooking, reading, writing and hiking for hours- all to enjoy a fifiteen minute stay on a summit with a 360 degree panoramic view. I also enjoy caring for family, friends and most importantly- being around genuinely kind people who are interested in making this world a much better place.