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Alan Perreiah
Professor Emeritus

Dr. Perreiah is a Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy.  His research focuses on the development of logic in Western Europe from the fifth to fifteenth century, with an increasing emphasis on the Asian contributions to philosophies to logic, cosmology, metaphysics and ethics.  He regularly teaches a course on the ‘Philosophy of Human Nature,’ which explores questions like, ‘What kind of relations tie a human being to environment, society and history?’  Thus, both his research and teaching interests provide a valuable and unique perspective to the Peace Studies program.

Contact Information
1425 Patterson Office Tower
On Leave 2016-17
Ph.D. Indiana University, 1967
Research Interests
  • logic in Western Europe from the Fifth to the Fifteenth century
  • Semantical theory of Donald Davidson
  • medieval logic
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Philosophy