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  • Associate Professor, German Studies
  • Director, Max Kade German House and Cultural Center
  • German Studies
  • International Film Studies
  • Modern & Classical Languages Literatures & Cultures
POT 1071
Other Affiliations:
  • International Studies

Nels "Jeff" Rogers

Research Interests:
Weimar Modernism, German Film, Post-89 German Literature, Critical Theory, Pedagogy and Second Language Acquisition

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania B.A., University of Oregon


Born in the desert, raised in the woods, radicalized by Reagan's war on the poor. Today, my teaching and research focus on intersections of aesthetics and politics as well as Second Language Acquisition and literacy. 


My current research interests are in the area of mass culture in Germany in the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly film. Of late, this has included integration of film into the foreign language classroom and the SLA environment. 

Recent publications include:

"Articulating the Curriculum through Cultural Themes: A Literacy and Genre Approach to Teaching Protest, Rebellion and the Revaluation of the Past. Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German. 45.1 (2012)

"Am Beispiel Anatomie: A Proficiency-Orietned Approach to Film for the Novice and Intermediate German Classroom." Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German. 40.2 (2007)

Recent Book Reviews for Colloquia Germanica include reviews of Hester Baer's "Dismantling the Dream Factory," Katharina Gerstenberger's "Writing the New Berlin: The German Capital in Post-Wall Literature." and Randall Halle's collection "After the Avant-Garde: Contemporary German and Austrian Experimental Film." 

Selected Publications:
  • The Brecht-Industry: Politics and the Avantgarde in a Divided Germany. In: Communications from the International Brecht Society 30 (2001)