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Marie Antoinette Sossou


Ph.D., University of Denver in Colorado, 2003

Dr. Marie-Antoinette Sossou received a PhD from University of Denver in Colorado and a MSW from University of Trondheim in Norway. She is currently assistant professor of Social Work at the College of Social Work, University of Kentucky. Her research focus and interests are around international social work with particular interest in Africa and other developing countries, concerning feminist and gender issues, children, immigrants and refugees, and social development issues. Dr. Sossou completed her doctoral dissertation exploring the meaning of gender equality from women’s perspective in Ghana and hopes to extend her future studies to include men’s perspectives in order to come out with a balanced view of addressing gender inequality issues generally in Africa and particularly in Ghana.
Dr. Sossou's current publications include The Meaning of Gender Equality in Ghana: Women’s Perceptions of the Issues of Gender Equality: Implications for Social Work Education and Practice in Ghana, published in Journal of Women in Welfare Education and Mental Health Services for Refugee Women and Children in Africa: A Call for Activism and Advocacy, published in International Social Work, and a book chapter on School social work in Ghana published in School Social Work Worldwide by NASW Press and Widowhood practices in West Africa published by the International Journal of Social Welfare.
Currently, Dr. Sossou is working on a number of publications for peer review, including a study on mental health and well-being among Bosnian refugees after Resettlement in the United States: Implications for practice, policy, and research, and a qualitative study of resiliency and coping strategies of Bosnian refugee women resettled in the Southeastern United States, which are now under review. Dr. Sossou has presented research at national and international conferences and is currently working on a collaborative research grant to study mental health issues among refugees in Africa. She is a member of CSWE, GASOW, NASW and West African Research Association.
  • Gender and Feminist Issues
  • Refugee and Immigrant Issues
  • International Social Work
  • Social Development Issues
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Research Methodology: Qualitative Research