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Joseph Brill
Professor, APS Fellow

Professional Positions:  1978-1979 -- Post-doc, U. Southern California (with N.P. Ong);  1980-1985 --  Assistant Professor, UK; 1985-1989 -- Associate Professor, UK; 1989-present -- Professor, UK (Chair, 2001-2005; DGS, 2007-2011) 

Awards and Honors:   UK University Research Professor 1994-1995; American Physical Society Fellow, 2004;  American Physical Society Outstanding Referee, 2010; College of Arts and Sciences Award for Graduate Student Mentoring, 2015 


Contact Information
CP393, CP182 (Lab)
859-257-6719 (Lab)
B.A., Physics, Columbia University (1972); M.S., Physics, Stanford University (1976); Ph.D., Physics (W.A. Little, advisor), Stanford University (1978)
Research Interests
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Condensed Matter Physics (Experimental)