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Christian Tipton

Hello, everyone!
My name is Christian Tipton, and I am from Irvine, Kentucky.  I am a Psychology and English double major on a Pre-Law track.
I really enjoy reading, writing, painting, and acting.  I also really enjoy a wide variety of music and film.  From Sinatra to AC/DC and from Beethoven to Fall Out Boy, I can appreciate many genres of music.  In addition, I am a huge Star Wars fan; plus, I really enjoy doing service in the co-ed fraternity that I am a member of: Alpha Phi Omega.
I love Wired, because this program breaks down the barrier between students and faculty.  Coming into college as a freshman can be very intimidating, but friendly faces like Christine and Matt definitely made the experience more approachable.  People employed by the campus can oftentimes seem kind of scary, but between these two individuals and the individuals that I had for my Wired classes (Dr. Michael Pennell, Jeremy Kisling, and Ashleigh Hardin), I came to realize that your professors and advisers in the program and in college in general are human beings too that genuinely want you to succeed.
I wanted to be a peer mentor for a variety of reasons.  A lot of individuals and experiences helped to make the University of Kentucky feel like home for me during my freshman year; therefore, I hope to have a similar influence on incoming members of Wired.  I want to give them a friend and a supporter.  People decide early on in their experience here at UK if they plan to stay for later semesters, and I really want others to love Wildcat Country as much as I do.  In addition to this, I am all about community and making everyone feel included, and I feel like I can make such an acceptance of others a reality as a peer mentor.
I have so many words of wisdom to share to freshmen; however, I will try to be brief.  First of all, please keep a planner.  You will think that you will be able to keep up with everything, but let's face it, you definitely will forget something.  Next, do not be afraid to talk to professors.  They are human beings, and they are understanding; however, do not try to abuse the faith that they have in you.  Show up to class as often as you can, go to office hours at least once if possible, give them a face to never know when you may need their advice or recommendation one day.  Lastly, do not be afraid to take chances.  This is the time of your life when you can.  You want to dye your hair?  Do it.  You want to take a class just for the fun of it?  Do it.  Want to change your major?  Do it.  Do not let anyone or anything hold you back.  Get involved.  Join some campus organizations.  The more you do, the smaller campus will feel.  There is nothing as comforting here at UK as seeing a friendly, familiar face.
Random fun fact:   I am very passionate about mental health culture.  I am all about getting information out there about mental illness and the stigma against it.  With this being said, I feel like I can be a very resourceful listener should anyone ever find themselves in need of advice or a direction to be pointed in for further help.  I am here to help, friends; therefore, please do not ever be afraid to approach me.  From light conversation over coffee to more in depth conversation, I am always down to be there for you.