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Clayton Thyne
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Clayton Thyne is a Professor in the Political Science department at the University of Kentucky. He currently serves as the Department Chair, having previously held positions as Director of Graduate Studies and as the co-founder and Director of the Peace Studies certificate program. His research currently focuses on domestic conflict/instability, coups d'état, regime types and democratization, and international education.

Thyne teaches a variety of courses at UK. At the graduate level, he regularly teaches Introduction to Quantitative Political Methodology (PS572), and has taught Strategies of Inquiry in Political Science (PS671), the Proseminar in International Relations (PS674), and a seminar on Civil Conflict (PS711). At the undergraduate level, he regularly teaches World Politics (PS235), a course on Civil Conflict (PS439G), and Contemporary Global Conflicts (PS391). His newest offerings include Introduction to Peace Studies (PCE201) and the Peace Studies Capstone Seminar (PCE410).


Contact Information
249 Patterson Office Tower
Ph.D., University of Iowa (2007); M.A., University of Iowa (2004); M.Ed., University of Saint Thomas-Houston (2003); B.A., University of Nebraska-Kearney (2001)
Research Interests
  • Civil wars
  • coups d'etat
  • Peace Studies
  • Political Science