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A&S Undergraduate Research

2023 A&S Summer Undergraduate Research Award for students majoring in A&S departments.


Application will be available by 2/1 in Scholarship Universe with your UK linkblue sign-in.

Deadline for applications is February 15th with decisions announced early-March.


Application preview:

Please upload a PDF of your research proposal. The research proposal should be 250-500 words and include:

  • A title;
  • Background information about your project;
  • A question/hypothesis or main goal that your summer project will address;
  • A description of your proposed study that includes specific goals, methods, and expected outcomes.

Application Questions:

  • In one paragraph, explain how you have prepared for this research project.
  • In one paragraph, how will participation in this SURA program help you achieve your career goals?
  • Is there any additional information you would like to provide?


Award Information:

Individual student awards of $5,000 will be granted for students to participate in faculty-sponsored research this summer. Research programs are determined in consultation with a faculty mentor, but typically involve 20 hours per week for 10 weeks, or something similar.


Students should consult with a faculty member to write a 1-2 page research proposal (250 -500 words); please bear in mind that the review committee consists of faculty members from a range of disciplines, so proposals should be written for a general audience.


Once the application is submitted, the mentor will receive an email request for a letter of recommendation. Students will be notified early-March about their applications. 


Eligibility guidelines: The Office of Undergraduate Research requests that, during their time at UK, individual undergraduate researchers receive no more than one academic-year research award, one travel award, and one summer research award.


Please contact Dr. Mark Meier for further information.



Independent Study / Independent Research

Talk to a faculty member, or contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your department to enroll in a credit-bearing 395 course in your discipline during the Fall or Spring semesters.


Other Opportunities