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UK Chemistry’s annual Naff Symposium to focus on 'Energetic Foundations and Futures of Life'

By Morgan Luster 

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The University of Kentucky’s Department of Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences will offer its 49th annual Naff Symposium, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, March 28, in the William T. Young Library Auditorium. The theme is  “Energetic Foundations and Futures of Life.”

The day's lectures will start with the dawn of life, which emerging science now explains in terms of reactions that capture and convert energy. Moreover, variants of those same reactions are being exploited in new research for a sustainable future. 

Distinguished scholars from around the world will present their work to students and faculty from UK as well as other colleges and universities in Kentucky and the region.

Speakers and presentation topics include:

  • Wolfgang Nitschke, Ph.D., from the French National Centre for Scientific Research, “How and Why Life Emerged: Insights from Microbial Bioenergetics, or Erwin Schrödinger meets Peter Mitchell.”
  • Gary W. Brudvig, Ph.D., from Yale University, “Learning from Nature How to Make Solar Fuels.”
  • Shelley Minteer, Ph.D., from Missouri University of Science and Technology, “Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Electrosynthesis.”

The symposium will also host a poster competition in the atrium of the Jacobs Science Building with a limit of 30 presenters. It will showcase the work of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers. Submissions must be received by March 22. Submission guidelines and a registration link can be found online here.

You can find more information about the symposium online here.

The annual Naff Symposium is held in honor of Anna S. Naff, a 1944 UK graduate, through the support of her husband Benton Naff, Ph.D., of the National Institutes of Health.  Learn more here.