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Do you have a question about UK BLUE? Check out this list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information or to schedule a pre-law visit, please contact us at


Are there study abroad opportunities available to participants in the program?

It is possible for students participating in UK BLUE to study abroad. Because of the accelerated course timeframe, students interested in studying abroad should meet with their academic advisor early in their academic career to discuss options.  Summer programs will be a particularly attractive option for UK BLUE students. 

Can I do both Honors and UK BLUE?

Absolutely! Honors coursework satisfies UK Core, A&S College, and major requirements. It is important for students to work closely with their academic advisor in order to select appropriate coursework to complete requirements.


Can I participate in a Living Learning Program (LLP) and UK BLUE?

Yes, though you may have additional required coursework as part of your LLP. Some LLP’s have a linked course that first-year students are required to take, unless the student has prior credit for the course. Students interested in participating in a LLP should work closely with their academic advisor to ensure appropriate course selection.

What if I want to change majors after starting the program?

You may not remain in UK BLUE if you wish to change your major, given the rigorous and specific curriculum you must follow to complete the bachelor’s degree requirements of your chosen major within three years.  If you prefer to change your major, you may still be able to graduate within four years, depending on the requirements of the new major, and of course even in this case you may be able to apply to Law School during your senior year, as most Law School applicants do.  The main difference will be that you will not be able to take the first year of UK Law courses to count toward the credit hour requirements of your bachelor’s degree, if you elect to change your major. 

What if I decide not to attend law school?

If you elect not to apply to law school, there is no penalty, since you are already on track to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in a particular field.  If you elect not to attend law school, you will simply complete year 4 with 30 credit hours of coursework to satisfy the usual requirements of your major.  Academic advisors and a faculty mentor will work with you to ensure that you complete your degree in four years, and to provide career and graduate or professional school advice in a timely manner.

What if I enroll in law school but am unhappy or unsuccessful in that curriculum?

We have every expectation that students admitted into the UK College of Law will be able to succeed in the law school curriculum.  However, if you perform poorly, or if for any reason you wish to withdraw from UK Law, you will be able to reenroll as an undergraduate to complete the UK B.A. degree in your chosen major (English, History or Political Science).  You will simply need to complete the 120 required credit hours to earn your bachelor’s degree.  Your academic advisor and faculty mentor will help you find the information you need to make an informed decision about your coursework and your future plans. 

What if I want to attend law school, but not at UK?

If you wish to attend law school elsewhere, you will first need to complete your bachelor’s degree requirements at UK, including all requirements for the major, and the 120 credit hours required for receipt of the BA.  Depending on your AP credits and other types of credit for prior learning, it is likely that you will need to complete four years of coursework as an undergraduate at UK.  Credits earned at another law school cannot be considered toward your UK Bachelor’s degree.  Your academic advisor and faculty mentor will help you find the information you need to make an informed decision about your coursework and your future plans.  Your advisor and faculty mentors will assist you no matter what employment, professional or graduate program you choose to pursue.