Setting up Zoom Conferences

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All users
1. In the address bar of your preferred browser type in and hit enter.
2. Click ‘Sign in’ and enter your linkblue credentials.
3. You can select ‘Host a Meeting’ and choose with ‘Video Off’ or ‘Video On’.
If you decide later that you want to change the video on or off you can. If you have not already installed Zoom on your computer a download will begin. Once the download is finished install Zoom. If you already have Zoom installed your meeting window will appear.
4. The Zoom taskbar will appear at the bottom of the Zoom window when you move your cursor in the Zoom window.
This is where you will control your Zoom meeting.
5. If you wish to invite someone to your zoom meeting you can click on ‘Invite’ on the Zoom taskbar.
You can choose ‘Copy URL’ which will copy a link you can send someone or ‘Copy Invitation’ which will copy a more formal invitation. The ‘Copy Invitation’ option will include information if someone would like to call into the meeting using a phone, time the meeting is supposed to start, and if this is a recurring meeting. You can paste your choice in your chosen communication method to the recipient.
6. If you want to share your screen you select ‘Share’ on the Zoom taskbar.
You can choose to share your entire screen, a specific window (such as power point, video, or a photo), or choose ‘Whiteboard’. Click on what you wish to share, then press the ‘Share’ button in the bottom right of the window.
7. When you are finished sharing your screen. Go to the shared window and at the top press the red button ‘Stop Share’.
8. If you would like to see the list of participants in your Zoom meeting go to ‘Manage Participants’ on the Zoom taskbar.
From here you can mute/unmute single people or everyone, remove users, request video, and stop video/screen sharing. You can do these things and more by choosing the ‘More’ option next to a specific person’s name.
9. When you are ready to end your Zoom meeting, click ‘End Meeting’ on the far right of your Zoom taskbar.
If you wish for the meeting to end for everyone choose ‘End Meeting for All’, if you want to keep the meeting up for others and you want to leave choose ‘Leave Meeting’.
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