How to Print a Poster for Biology

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Hive staff

Poster Printer Information

There are two kinds of paper used for the poster printer.

Name Used to Print

Name Used to Order Paper


Premium Semimatte Photo Paper (260)

36” by 100” MicroFLASH PhotoSatin

Research Posters

Plain Paper

36” by 150” 20lb Mono InkJet Bond

Department Use 


1. Go to and login with your link blue credentials.
2. All poster printing requests are located under ‘General’. Open the ticket you want to print and download pdf under ‘Attachments’
NOTE: all posters need to be a PDF format, if they are not please tell the ticket submitter to submit a pdf version of the poster.
3. Open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat. If you scroll your mouse to the bottom left-hand corner the dimensions of the poster will appear.
Adobe displays length by height in this measurement. NOTE: One of the dimensions cannot be longer than 36” and the longest poster we are allowed to print is 72” long. This means the max poster dimension is 36” by 72”, the typical poster size is 36” by 48”.
4. Go to File -> Print -> Select ‘Poster Printer’ from drop down printer menu. Under ‘Page Sizing and Handling’, click ‘Actual Size
5. Then, click ‘Properties’ beside the drop down printer menu.
6. Check the ‘Media Settings’ and make sure they match the settings listed in the table below.
Research Posters
Media Type: Premium Semimatte Photo Paper (260)
Color: Color
Print Quality: Quality

Department Use
Media Type: Plain Paper
Color: Color
Print Quality: Speed
7. Click on ‘User Defined’ seen in the picture above. Set the dimensions of the poster found in step 3.
Put the height of the poster in the ‘Paper Width’ and the length in the ‘Paper Height’. Then, click ‘OK’ and ‘OK’ again.
8. You will now see the Print Preview of the poster. If the poster dimensions and the document dimensions are the same click Print
9. The printer will start printing the poster.
There are 3 metal rods on the top of the printing shelf, place them over the blue pieces of tape below the printer. Once the poster is done and the ink is dry, there are rubber bands on the glass table to the left of THM101A if you are facing the door to use to roll up the poster.
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