Textbook Policy


College of Arts and Sciences: Textbook/Faculty Authorship Policy

The Provost’s policy on UK authored textbooks in UK classes specifically states that UK faculty and staff may not benefit from the sale of self-authored textbooks sold to UK students enrolled in UK classes (UK policy). The term “textbook” is broadly understood to mean anything written and or published by faculty or staff. Students (and the public) often do not know the difference between a mass-market textbook, a scholarly monograph, a journal article, or a department’s self-published text or exercise book created to provide them purposely-directed readings at a cost-saving to the student.

The policy does allow the use of self-authored publications through an approval process that includes faculty consultation, chair approval, and a plan that accounts for any royalties that may accrue. In order to meet the spirit as well as the law of the Provost’s policy and to inform our students of our actions in their best interests, we have instituted a review process by which A&S faculty may request approval to use self-authored materials in UK courses.

*note: if the textbook in question is authored by the Department Chair, or if it is a collaborative book authored by the department for use in department courses, the permission process will reside in the Dean’s office. Please contact the Dean’s office for assistance.

Approval Process:

  1. Faculty and Staff seeking to use self-authored documents must fill out a petition form in order to receive approval from the department/Dean to use those materials (petition form);
  2. That form shall be evaluated in the faculty or staff member’s department (through an approved vetting process) and use of the materials as described there shall be subject to the approval of the chair;
  3. The petition with department chair’s signature shall be forwarded to the Arts and Sciences Dean’s office via email to teresa.smith@uky.edu for review and record keeping.