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An Evening with Shale: Conversations on UK's Literary Arts Journal

Shale is the University of Kentucky's own undergraduate literary arts journal. Comprised of fiction, poetry, and visual art from talented UK students, Shale is published once a semester to much fanfare. Part of that fanfare is the traditional reception, an event that is free to attend to an art-loving public. Students published in Shale, fans of the magazine, and a number of faculty members meet to celebrate another successfully assembled issue, as well as share their work in a public reading.

Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 08/22/2014 - 12:23 pm

Disturbing The Peace With Poetry: Julia Johnson

There is word on the page and then there is word given breath. This past April, students and faculty from the University of Kentucky brought words to life thanks to a 12-hour open air poetry reading. The event, organized by English professor and published author Julia Johnson, was held outside of the Student Center welcoming anyone and everyone to come read their favorite poems aloud.

It's Summer Time!




Chemistry Major (Hometown: Mayfield, KY)

The majority of my family relocated from Mexico to America, to put it simply, in search for the "American Dream." I decided to attend the University of Kentucky because of the overflowing amounts of opportunities it offers to its current and prospective students. As a science major, I am gearing my long-term career goal towards a healthcare profession in medicine or pharmacy. Thus far, my experiences with this institution have been equally gratifying and challenging and I am greatly looking forward to my future contributions here. 

Some of my interests include music of all genres, films, and recreational reading. Although I am most comfortable with Latin, indie, and alternative music, I do not mind to dabble in country, classical, or any other character of music that interests me. I enjoy any exposure to various classical and modern cinematic masterpieces because of their diversity in telling simple, yet impactful, stories. Recreational reading is few and far between as a college student. A window of time to delve into any intense, comedic, or informative book is always encouraged in my life as an opportunity to entice my mind and inspire me to become a greater person each day. 


Submitted by rta223 on Sat, 05/12/2012 - 10:20 am

If you have read my bio, which I assume you all of course have done, I briefly mentioned my longing for any good reads and the lack of time that always prevents this need from being fulfilled during the semester. Through the glory of seasonal breaks, however, I was given a morsel of precious time that I willingly sacrificed for some recreational reading. Although I read this book some time ago, I felt it was due a revisit so that I may be able to share the brilliance I found it to be with all of you eager minds. The book is called "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." Please neglect its long title because it is totally worth a glance for those that are interested in entering the medical field or cellular research. So now that it's summer time, I encourage all of you to pick up this book and delve into this truly riveting story.


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