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Social Media Policy

In addition to A&S policy, all UK personnel must adhere to UK’s social media guidelines AR 10:4

Official College social media accounts should:

  • Be managed by the Hive Social Media team, except where designated to another unit (recruitment, etc.)

  • Linked in footer on

Department, Program, LLP, etc., unit social media accounts should:

  • Be managed by department managers, directors, staff, and/or faculty in coordination with Hive.

  • Be submitted at to be logged for A&S and shared with UK PR. 

  • Linked in footer of official unit website site

Student clubs, etc. should:

  • Be managed by their respective officers, in coordination with sponsoring faculty and Hive

  • Linked from a page on sponsoring site

Personal social media:

  • Links to any personal accounts from an A&S website mandates compliance with AR 10:4 for those social media accounts, notably that they must clarify that their opinions are independent and do not speak on behalf of A&S or UK

Embedded social media widgets are prohibited.  To preserve editorial integrity, and to provide security against clickjacking and related attacks, outbound hyperlinks to social media should clearly designate themselves by fully navigating away from the A&S site.

Off-boarding social media accounts:

  • when a person in charge of a UK-related social media account separates from UK, they MUST:

    • Turn over access to the account to either Hive social media team or their replacement within their department, program, unit, etc. 

    • Notify Hive ( so contact information in social media log can be updated

If a social media account appears to be derelict, references to it will be removed from all A&S sites.