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Through Living Learning Communities and Residential Colleges we offer students an opportunity to live and learn together in an integrated academic residential environment. This dynamic residential experience will offer specialized programming, interactions with UK faculty and staff; and a supportive community that focuses on student success.


Arts & Sciences Living Learning Programs from UK College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Residential College is for students with a strong interest or major in the creative or performing arts — from dance, music, and theatre to art studio, creative writing, design, and arts administration. The residence hall will house solo and ensemble music practice rooms, a performance studio with projection capabilities for dance, music and theatre, an art education studio and a writing studio for a truly immersive living-learning program. First-year students will benefit from the support of Peer Mentors already engaged with the arts at UK. Faculty from the College of Fine Arts and the College of Arts and Sciences will teach connected courses that count toward the Arts and Creativity requirements of UK Core and organize programming uniquely customized for “creative types.” Students will live in the Limestone Park I residential hall.

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International Village

The International Village provides students with a meaningful international experience right on UK’s campus. Conveniently located in Blazer Hall, students in the International Village enjoy learning about the world from and with each other. Room assignments pair students from differing backgrounds, and dedicated programming offers opportunities to explore others’ cultures and develop international friendships. Through cultural and recreational programming as well as through connected coursework, students will have regular interactions with faculty, upper class peer mentors, and staff dedicated to supporting their academic success at the University of Kentucky.

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LEXengaged – Social Justice & Leadership

LEXengaged is a first-year residential program offered by the College of Arts & Sciences and will be located on UK’s north campus in Limestone Park I – close to downtown Lexington. As a member of this community, you will be introduced to ideas, concepts and notions of civic engagement, considering the opportunities and obstacles which enhance and impede engagement. Come assess your own prospects for being an active citizen. Civic engagement will be applied to your day-to-day life. Through course readings, discussions, guest speakers, and off-campus tours, you will obtain an understanding of the larger community in which you live, Lexington. In grasping the multifaceted character of Lexington, you should leave LEXengaged able to encounter any American city as an involved community member. This community focuses on engagement, service learning and social justice.  

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Roselle House – Building Connections

Roselle House is your connection to rich experiences and interdisciplinary opportunities. Located in Roselle Hall on north campus, the Roselle House Residential Program is open to all academic majors. You will interact with a diverse and talented community with a proven track-record of producing competitive GPAs and on-time graduation in four years. Roselle House offers small class-sizes and supportive peer-mentors. Link to everything at UK and in Lexington, find your focus, become a multi-modal scholar, engage your imagination, interact with faculty, and find yourself having a lot of fun! Get connected!

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STEMCats – Careers in Science & Research

STEMCats - STEMCats is a freshman academic, research, and professional-development residential program sponsored by HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) intended for first-year students who have applied for or are interested in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) major. Students arrive a week before the fall semester begins and attend programs in math, biology, chemistry, and other first year courses. This early start helps build confidence in a firstyear student’s academic preparation as they acclimate to the rigors of a STEM major. STEMCats experience an array of faculty-led and student-led activities, including special career seminars and course-based research projects. STEMCats has graduate and professional student mentors who provide support services, coordinate activities and tutor throughout the year. Students in the STEMCats program live in the Woodland Glen IV residential hall.

For more information about STEMCats please visit:

STEMCats Living Learning Program from UK College of Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

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