Living Learning Programs

Through Living Learning Communities and Residential Colleges we offer students an opportunity to live and learn together in an integrated academic residential environment. This dynamic residential experience will offer specialized programming, interactions with UK faculty and staff; and a supportive community that focuses on student success.

STEMCats is a pre-Fall freshman academic, research and professional-development residential program. This living learning program is for first year students who have applied for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) major or who are interested in a STEM major plus a small cohort of transfer students from the Bluegrass Community & Technical College. Students arrive a week before the official opening of UK in order to attend newly developed programs in math, biology and chemistry called FastTrack and a special orientation program. This early start will help build confidence in a first year student's academic preparation as they acclimate to the rigors of a STEM major, and will also australia pokies contribute to a sense of belonging in the UK Community. STEMCats has graduate and professional students who will serve as mentors while providing support services, coordinating activities and tutoring throughout the year. Students will have early exposure to research and to the endless possibilities of STEM disciplines. For more information about STEMCats please visit: STEMCats.

The Environment & Sustainability Residential College is a living-learning community that engages students in learning about many aspects of the local environment, all in the context of sustainability, by bringing together students and faculty interested in understanding and actively supporting the development of a healthy environment for all residents. Students will get to know Lexington from the bottom up to understand how the environment shapes the human community, and vice versa. For more information about Greenhouse please visit: Greenhouse.


Lexington Engaged is a new living learning program for fall 2015 which will focus on engagement, service learning, and social justice. It will create vibrant community of socially conscious individuals who better understand and are both well motivated and able to contribute to the well-being of local communities and to the improvement of town-grown relations. This program will be online slots for real money appropriate for students in social justice, community outreach and empowerment, and public service. The living learning community will enhance the residential and academic experience of students by familarizing them with the Lexington community, connecting them to community partners, exploring social justice issues, and providing diverse community-based outreach experiences.                    


Wired steeps students in the traditions of the liberal arts and harnesses the power of the digital age. This residential community prepares students for the future by fostering a flexible and dynamic skill set, instilling social responsibility, and enhancing their ability and freedom to co-construct knowledge and forge connections with each other, faculty, and local and international communities. Wired is open to all incoming freshman and is located in Champions Court II. For more information about Wired please visit: A&S Wired.


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