Oh Statistics… How I Despise You…

Getting into the first week of statistics, life was moving along pretty well. There were very few glitches in the blackboard system of things (minus the fact that the notes for the lectures had gone AWOL). Minor issues resolved things were moving along quite well. I received the information from the other assisting instructor that she needed our proctor information for the exam that we are due to take by July 7.

               No big deal, followed through the websites that I needed to go through and tried to figure out who I was supposed to get into contact with about taking an exam. Well this information was completely not just “plain as day.” Through reading the instructions several more times and exploring websites, I figured out who I needed to get in contact with. I was attempting to take the exam here at UK, with the overview of a TA, but that was not possible. I work right in the Patterson Office Tower, and it would be a lot easier just to go up and take the exam on the statistics floor; however, this was not possible. There were no testing sites at BCTC – Cooper Campus. And there were no available times after work (5pm) or on the weekends. I wish places such as these testing sites could open up a bit more. You are not only dealing with traditional students but you are dealing with a lot of non-traditional students like me. I have to lose out on a half-day’s work just to go take this exam. That’s a loss of money for my children and me that I am solely reliant on to pay my bills.           

               Hidden fees: They (BCTC and my professors) like to NOT explain that you need to pay an additional $25.00 fee for taking your exam. Our instructor requires that we have to have a proctor available for the exam since it is an online exam. I think that this is ridiculous. We are all in college, and we are not in high school anymore. This requirement takes away from the ability to take advantage of taking an online course.

               When I signed up for the course I was charged the normal $30.00 extra by the university for the “Distance Learning Fee,” and I am perfectly ok with that. I have seen first-hand what these guys have to go through to make sure that everything stays running and operates as it is supposed to. I was also charged a $10.00 Statistical Lab Fee. I mean really?!?!?! For what!??!?!?!? I may just be uneducated in why this fee is applied, but to me I don’t think that is fair. Because not only is there a distance learning fee, there is a statistical lab fee (which I’m pretty sure the majority of people can’t use the lab at UK – hence why they are taking online courses), and then the proctor fee.

               School is just becoming more and more expensive. I hate the way that Instructors and Professors are using these online homework sites. They cost extra money to the student and then on top of that you need to buy a book. I am the kind of person that has to have a book out in front of me in order to really understand the concept. I hate staring at a computer screen all the time, and I don’t think sitting at a computer all day is doing you any good. I enjoy taking my textbooks outside, on my porch, and watching my kids play, and reading a little. I refuse to haul my laptop around with me, especially outside where there is no telling what will happen to it.

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