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Latino Futures in Kentucky: Building Bridges of Collaboration

William T. Young Library Auditorium

Event title: Latino Futures in Kentucky: Building Bridges of Collaboration

Description: The panelists will discuss opportunities and Challenges facing the Latino community in Kentucky, particularly in the areas of education and health. They will also discuss strategies and initiatives that could be implemented to build bridges of collaboration between organizations, institutions, and individuals that share the common purpose of recognizing and advancing the Latino heritage in the Commonwealth.

Morning panels:

Panel 1 (Latino Education in the Commonwealth): Fátima Espinoza Vasquez (School of Information Science, UK), Isabel Taylor (Lexington Fayette Urban County Government) and Jackie Arakaki (Lexington Public Library, Village Branch)

Panel 2 (Latino Health in the Commonwealth):  Jeanette A Hart (Lexington-Fayette County Health Department), Rosa Martin (UK College of Nursing Program Director /co-PI Corazón de la Familia), Ana S.Q. Liberato, Sociology Department, UK

Afternoon graduate students panel:

Alberto Ortiz Brito, Anthropology: "The rebirth of Olmec colossal heads: resignification processes of archaeological monuments in the municipality of Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz, México"

Meimalin Rivas Estanga, Hispanic Studies

Sofía Mena Molina, Hispanic Studies

For their exceptional contributions in support of Latino peoples and communities in the state of Kentucky, the first LACLS ENLACE Award will be given to:

Andrés Cruz, Social Work, UK

Village Branch

Maxwell Street Clinic